China’s most profitable nternet Co Alibaba 2013 performance is much better

but the current listing attempted, really pity……


Alibaba is one of the hottest Internet Co currently on the market, around which the topic listed in 2013, there are so many rumors and farce, micro-blog capital, High German shares, with UC are also considered in the short term to enhance the valuation and eat a grain of illness.

regret that at the end of 2013, Alibaba IPO and failed to do so. But this does not prevent the capital market for its enthusiasm. Recently, foreign media reports, the U.S. tiger Global Fund (Tiger Global Management) from the end of 2013 in succession from the market to buy about $200 million worth of shares in the Alibaba group, the acquisition price of Alibaba valuation has reached $125 billion, this has gone beyond the Chinese become the highest market capitalization of Internet Co in Hongkong listed Tencent. But the Alibaba is not listed, the stock should come from some investors hold shares or individuals, the tiger fund $200 million acquisition of the shares is clearly optimistic about the valuation of listed Alibaba is far higher than the above figures.

see this message I want to know the Alibaba is not really worth so much money? I from YAHOO’s earnings carefully combed the financial figures of the Alibaba, with another two giant Baidu and digital Tencent made a rough comparison, although not to find the answers to these questions, but I found the Alibaba last year profitability has significantly exceeded the Tencent to become China’s most profitable Internet Co, and the financial indicators of the Alibaba in 2013 were very beautiful. See, it is really want to in the past year for the stock market to add another one hundred billion U.S. dollars of the Internet giant, but listed attempted, unfortunately. Below we are based on some of the core financial data for interpretation.

need to point out that the Alibaba group is not listed as a whole, so there is no detailed disclosure of financial information. But as Ali group’s shareholders, YAHOO in its quarterly report, annual report on the basis of the data of Alibaba are involved, but during the accounting earnings of YAHOO Alibaba performance is not consistent with the calendar year, the accounting period is from last October 1st to September 30th this year, so the disclosure of YAHOO earnings in the digital will lag a quarter moreover, it does not contain alipay. Alibaba group’s full year results for 2013, according to the first two quarters of the figures and the previous quarterly revenue growth forecast, may not be completely accurate.

first, we look at revenue growth

Figure 1 and Figure 2 are listed Ali group in recent years and quarterly revenue situation, in 2013 is expected to Ali group’s operating income of $6 billion 763 million, the growth rate is expected at 65.64%. In addition to his gross profit and net profit have increased at a higher rate, respectively, 81.5% and 467.7%. Need >

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