Good virus invasion of thousands of networking equipment to force users to change the weak password

Beijing time on October 6th morning news, filed a computer virus, I believe everyone. But the Internet security firm Symantec recently found a good virus". Do you use the default password in your home? If so, this "WiFi" will force the user to change the password. Are your unprotected communications channels open, and if so, this "good faith" will force users to close it?.


good virus invasion of 10 thousand networking equipment to force users to change the weak password

this "white virus" is called "Ifwatch", according to Symantec Security researchers said that the virus is spread quickly, at least have already invaded 10000 networked devices, mainly for the WiFi router.

Symantec researchers wal · Boolean (Val Saengphaibul) sent Mr Thain said: "we have not found any malicious behavior Ifwatch. But from a legal point of view, this is still an illegal behavior, after all, it is not authorized by the user access to the network computer."

why is Ifwatch "benign disease" virus? Because it’s mission is to "kill" any malicious application in your router; it also gives you the equipment automatically, friendly updates to computer virus intrusion protection; in some cases, it can force the user to restart the equipment every week, to clear the risk of malicious software.

, however, it is not entirely certain that the invasion of the line of the program really looks like so friendly. After all, Ifwatch has the ability to monitor routers and capture relevant data.

therefore, in theory, Ifwatch in monitoring the user. When you are prompted to replace the router password, it is difficult to ensure that the new password is not Ifwatch records. If someone looks behind you, will you enter a new password,


said: "we sent Boolean Thain also does not know who developed Ifwatch, also do not know their Ifwatch development intentions."

Ifwatch’s original intention may be to protect people’s privacy. Otherwise, it’s a smart move to distract people’s attention.

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