Wanda electricity supplier secret take O2O model facing the integration of resources pick


Wang Kexin technology Tencent reported on January 5th

Wanda Group had thrown million people put up a pageantry recruitment plan to enter the electricity supplier, once regarded as the most ambitious in traditional enterprises. But the real situation?

over the past year, Wanda interviewed more than 40 candidates for CEO, including a number of electricity providers CEO or vice president. Finally, a former technical manager of e-commerce Google headquarters, Alibaba international trading technology senior director Gong Yitao served as general manager of Wanda electricity supplier, Dunhuang, former vice president Liu Sijun as Wanda electricity supplier COO.

, however, is more like a slogan. According to informed sources, Wanda electricity supplier in 2012 to set up in May, the current team of only a dozen people, is still in the preparatory period, is expected to launch next year, three or four months.

Wanda electricity supplier is a relatively marginal business Wanda Group, reporting level is relatively low." The source said. This means that, in the short term, Wanda electricity supplier with a small team to test the way to break the water, rather than large army operations.


, and Suning and Gome to enter the B2C business platform mode, Wanda electricity supplier is taken the so-called O2O model, by means of electronic commerce, its commercial real estate, hotels, cinemas, chain stores, tourist resort five main business packing line, as a resource integration platform line. Is the Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin proposed "smart square" concept.

this means that Wanda into electricity supplier is not to reinvent the wheel, but in the existing capacity.

Tencent technology Wanda electricity supplier call COO Liu Sijun, but the other said that the current inconvenience to interview and communication.

group: the initial Wanda electricity supplier team less than 20 people

at the beginning of 2012, Wanda revealed in electronic commerce, and throw the recruitment plan: total plans to recruit people, general manager of the annual salary of 2 million, general manager of Technology Department of the annual salary of 1 million 100 thousand, "190 thousand designers, 900 thousand chief engineer, vice president of marketing and product marketing manager of 50~90 million, 300 thousand, general manager of the marketing department 800 thousand play. Wanda paid poaching stirred the electricity industry nerve.

is looking for Wanda electricity supplier who spent a lot of effort. Wanda is the highest cost of Chinese headhunting company, it commissioned almost all of the search company to find electricity supplier general manager. Many electricity providers CEO, vice president, Wanda electricity supplier received a telephone." An electricity supplier industry sources said.

Wanda interviewed dozens of electricity supplier general manager, but many are mining experience, does not meet the needs of Wanda O2O. These sources, "Gong Yitao technical background is not ideal for Wanda, Wanda are another person, but this person is one of the world’s top 500 retail enterprises ask him to be president of the Asia Pacific region did not go."


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