The acquisition of the original Jutan Yanhuang network people willing to provide customer assistance

recently online pass "raise a Babel of criticism of the original circle of absconding" event is the integrity of the fragile IDC topic and put the issue, in recent years a series of multi IDC service providers to shut down or absconded to lead the majority of owners of IDC industry trust crisis.

From the origins of

incident: someone broke the June 30-7 1 original all staff can not reach, no answer, the phone off or not. According to the on-the-spot investigation of Jiangsu friends learned that Taizhou original network office empty office also has been removed. All customer hosting, renting server room, payment is also no hope to recover. June 22nd Jiangsu Telecom successfully applied for property preservation. The original network of more than 400 people in Jiangsu Telecom, China Unicom in more than 100, the other in decoration costs, all customers will suffer! The original network knowingly failing to account, still claims 30 million of the financing and to be listed, one hand to raise prices, on the other hand, notify the customer to expand the volume of business to obtain more money.

in the subsequent media tracking reports that many webmaster personally to Jiangyan rights alerted local government, in the government under the pressure of restoration of network access, and arrange related personnel to actively coordinate the matter, showing a positive attitude, the relevant public security departments involved in the investigation of the dispute on the following. Yesterday afternoon, Liu Hua finally appeared in the great pressure, and accepted the NetEase science and technology interview, which he told NetEase technology, I did not run, I went to Nanjing, Hefei, the past few days to finance". The direct cause of Liu Hua is away, 465 thousand broadband local Unicom calls "primitive" default. At 4 p.m. on July 1st for a period of time, if not paid, will be broken network. After all means, cornered the Liu Hua decided to go to Nanjing and Hefei to find a friend to borrow. From his personal meaning is that I did not run but to financing, noting that it recently went to Nanjing and Hefei for financing. In the interview published after the author has learned that many owners call Anhui well-known IDC operators Anhui Yanhuang network science and technology limited company, understanding the original people whether the network in Hefei and the company to discuss cooperation intention, and the last time the company took over the Hua Qi data like mode of operation. There are users learned through the channel in the computer room has not been established, the company had to discuss cooperation with Taizhou telecom. According to the principle of fair competition in Taizhou, the price is not high price of the cabinet to refuse, and ultimately the company to give up this cooperation, instead of operating other computer rooms and achieved very good results. The person in charge of the company, the responsible person pointed out: here, the guess I solemnly declare, at present our company does not consider the acquisition of the original network, will not increase the company’s main business income, at the same time I think the original people and the net or the biggest difference is that Shanghai Telecom and communication authority to take over Yan Hua Qi data great support and encouragement. And Shanghai live in accordance with the application of bankruptcy before the credibility of good, no bad records. At present, Hua Kai data in Yan

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