Overseas famous Web designers work table

a lot of people are interested in the designers or operators of the famous blogs or websites they visit regularly, and they want to know what their workspace is like. So webdesignerdepot.com’s editors get in touch with them and ask them to send a photo of their workbench. These photos show the majority of designers using Apple machines, and some also use PC or notebook. They work table some is very neat, there is a little dingy.

also found an interesting phenomenon, many people are working in the face of the wall, which said their work is relatively a private space, otherwise the wall work will make people insecure. My own work room is a space of about 20 square meters. On the right side of the workbench is a large window. It is a necessary condition for a man to work day and night. Unlike them, all the tables in my office are backed against the wall. Back to the wall is to make people practical – translator.

Chris Spooner ‘s SpoonGraphics

Brian Hoff ‘The Design s Cubicle

Darren Rowse ‘s Problogger

Jay Hilgert ‘s BittBox

Elliot Jay Stocks

Walter Apai ‘Webdesigner s Depot

Jonathan Snook ‘s Snook

Henry Jones’ WebDesignLedger

Gino Orlandi ‘s YouTheDesigner

Wolfgang ‘s Bartelme

Navdeep Raj ‘s Dezinerfolio

Steven Snell ‘DesignM.ag and Vandelay Design


Dan Rubin ‘s SuperfluousBanter

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