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1 for copyright infringement Pirate Bay co-founder fled 2 years after  

was arrested;

June 2nd news, according to Reuters, the Swedish police said on Saturday that the file sharing site the Pirate Bay (Pirate Bay) a co-founder arrested in southern Sweden, he will because of infringement in the past 2 years and the long term copyright suit.

Interpol has been wanted by Peter, co-founder of Pirate Bay since 2012; · (Peter) (Sunde). The Swedish National Police Commission spokeswoman Carolina · Ike Jos (Carolina Ekeus) said: "since 2012 we have been arrested him, he has been sentenced to 8 months imprisonment, so he must serve."

Ike Jos said, Sander is arrested in southern Sweden Sikenaxian. 4 people had been sentenced to imprisonment for the first time in connection with the Pirate Bay and a fine of SEK 32 million ($4 million 800 thousand), with a fine of about SEK 1. The appeal court then reduced their sentence, but raised the fine to SEK 46 million ($6 million 900 thousand).

2 to carry with vendetta: many online travel involved

you may have played the ultimatum game: two participants to assume "penny, who proposed" proposed by 2:1 to allocate, if to accept, then offer maximum benefits; if they refuse to deal with, the parties do not earn any money.

said, Ctrip to go where the network out of the terms of the acquisition and "ultimatum" game is very similar: both sides merge to 100% convertible way, the exchange ratio of 1:2. Once the agreement is reached, where to withdraw from the market, the company incorporated ctrip. However, it is possible to go to where the conditions of ctrip. Both companies have shown CEO ready to act alone to become the absolute winner of online travel.

if the merger is discussed again, it is better for both parties to agree on mutually acceptable terms. But now it seems that they seem to be more willing to overcome the obstacles to the talks on "brute force" — the latest round to bring the war and fight.

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to carry with vendetta: many online travel involved  


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3 Google out of China Hongkong domain name can not open!

days ago, users reflect that Google does not open, whether it is Google, Google official domain name or Google google.> Hongkong, Taiwan

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