Old webmaster community feelings, information dissemination platform called Cai Wensheng hot million


[Xiamen] hunting cloud network reported on November 24th (by Zhou Limei)

recently, information dissemination platform "hot call" founder Yu Hongliang to hunt cloud network exclusive revealed that the product has been millions of dollars in Angel round of financing in March of this year, by angel investors cast Cai Wensheng, this round of funding for product development and promotion.

three old webmaster community feelings

want to talk about "hot call" this product had to be more than from the entrepreneurial experience: speaking. Founded in the heat before the call, Yu Hongliang has been engaged in work related to the forum, for 13 years, he founded the Fuzhou home network, Hangzhou daily newspaper group’s 19 floor was acquired in 2011, it has more than third times: This is a business.

fortunately, the way a companion companion, and Yu Hongliang, co-founder of blue hot call where aquatic and Chen Xiaoyan are regarded as Senior Forum practitioners, Chen Xiaoyan was the founder of Xiamen fish nets, Xiamen fish nets was also acquired, where aquatic orchid has 5 consecutive years of Spring Festival Gala director. This is a forum with unlimited passion and vision of the founding team, the product is not on the line won the favor of Cai Wensheng.

with the popularity of the mobile terminal, the three communities have found that people in the end of the forum does not have a good presentation of the shape of the mobile terminal, want to explore the best form of the forum in the mobile terminal through hot call. With the words of what he said: "get up early in the morning to catch up with the last bus, I hope it is not too late."

8 audit was rejected on the line, do a super local information dissemination platform

call, the homophonic "hot warm Ho", which contains the meaning, hope to do a super local information transmission platform based on LBS, valuable information for users around. Hot line call beta from April 1st to the end of July, the process is slightly tortuous, because some of the problems are, in the on-line audit stage was rejected 8 times, the on-line version is updated after 3 iterations.

, micro-blog, WeChat and other information dissemination platform, there are some limitations in the process of communication, sharing, and in the hot call platform, as long as the user content can cause the resonance of the people around, you can quickly spread to the surrounding area and other areas. LAN ho aquatic said, users in daily life, most of the information about geography, information validity and distance near and far has a positive correlation with the natural, like micro-blog, WeChat, etc. based on the information dissemination process of interpersonal relationship, fans and friends are far apart from each other based on the relationship between follow, will weaken the transmission efficiency the information in a certain extent in this dimension.


interesting propagation mechanism, sliding down the spread of

open hot call App, home style simple, only one page

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