What is the story of the new micro-blog short video support program

today, micro-blog introduced a new trick: micro-blog short video author support program. What exactly is it? What about the old man?.

2016 short video hot has become a new outlet, the beginning of the network red Papi sauce is the original short video author, a few days ago has been financing 12 million, valued at about 300 million. As a traffic platform micro-blog will not miss this opportunity, in March 28th officially announced that micro-blog will invest more resources in this year to support the original video author.

a, the application standard

1, the first open micro-blog certification, only to get the certification of the blogger had the opportunity to be supported by micro-blog.


has the ability to continue to create original short video, the application date, in micro-blog released more than 5 content, the content needs to use small coffee show, the second shot or shot micro-blog client.

3, the application date last month, micro-blog read more than 100 thousand.

two, for other video platform author

1, the ability to continue to create original short video (including video translation)

2, in the station outside the platform of a video playback to be greater than 100 thousand (screenshot submitted to prove)

3, submitted after the need to ensure that each month to release at least 5 short video content on micro-blog (using the second shot, micro-blog client or small coffee show)

meet the above conditions of a friend can go to the official download "micro-blog video blogger certification application form", in accordance with the requirements to fill and send to the specified mailbox, the next is waiting for the audit results.

micro-blog official support for the short video application areas, as follows:

laomai believes that a platform to release what video is not bad, it is important to note that the micro-blog short video author support program is only for small coffee show, the second shot or micro-blog video client, which does not include the recorded clips uploaded the video, but a month minimum requirement is 5 video, other the platform made video can get links from micro-blog, also enjoy this treatment.

short video creation, no good ideas, no good content, dubbing, editing skills, one thing to do is not so easy to look at others, gorgeous appearance, not knowing how many of the team behind the scenes in the number of members in recording, to speculation, talent shows itself, tossing to and fro it was a group of old webmaster, just change the platform.


short video author support plans for micro-blog fans hundreds of thousands of millions of big coffee would be more appropriate, they realized the way one more, there is no advantage of micro-blog fans resources friends or the current platform.

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