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Google launched the integrity of Business Certification Project


technology news Beijing time on June 8th morning news, Google (micro-blog) on Thursday launched the "Google business integrity" (Google Trusted Stores) certification services, to help consumers see what online merchants shipping quickly, honest and reliable, and which businesses can provide excellent customer service.

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, Google also provides a maximum amount of $1000 "buy protection" (purchase protection). If the consumer was Google integrity of business fraud, in addition to Google’s assistance, Google may also receive full payment before this, Google has been testing this free service in Wayfair, Timbuk2 and Beau-coup and other online retailers. Starting on Thursday, this service has been open to all online businesses in the United states. Google has set up a special team in the company headquarters to help solve the problem.

Google Shopping (Google) product manager Tom · (Tom Fallows) said that in this service, Google is committed to providing mobile based consumer support services. Fallows did not disclose how many Google employees are engaged in the latest customer service work, but he said, "this business personnel has a serious surplus".

is unusual for Google because it has always been known for its technical and automated business processes. About a year ago, Google began offering mobile phone support services for AdWords online advertising service users, but the company almost do not use this manual, the staff centralized methods to handle customer service business, especially the direct to consumer business. This shows that e-commerce is of great importance to the company. On the Internet to search for goods, and have more confidence in the purchase of consumers, Google will benefit more.

e-commerce service providers ChannelAdvisor CEO and Scott · Wen Ge (Scot Wingo) said Google, the new plan may be the company’s move towards building an online market goal one step to compete with Amazon (micro-blog).

Amazon’s third party market allows other businesses to sell their products through its Web site, which has grown rapidly in recent years and has become an important driver of Amazon’s revenue and profit growth. This success has prompted more shoppers to search for products on their web sites rather than Google, which is a potential threat to Google’s dominance in the search market.

Google on the official website of the Google integrity merchant project described in detail, the following is the main content:


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