Grassroots webmaster a wonderful article a week (11.9-11.15)

classified information website operations three years of experience sharing

first statement, to A5 to write this article is not to send soft Wen, but in order to share with you the use of second-hand (classified information) website operating experience. In fact, from the last month of the Internet Conference has been trying to write something to share with you, today, just sit down and write. This article I original, but no copyright, welcome to reprint.

a rookie webmaster growth process

it’s raining today. I haven’t seen rain for nearly a month. Write something. I have known the Internet for 5 years, of which there are at least three years in college. The rest of the time is after graduation, the official contact and research site is only a year’s time. From the beginning of the HTML to the present.Net rookie, from the beginning of the HTML to the current site optimization, and search engine optimization rookie, still more than a year. But still just a rookie, I don’t know why I went to this profession rather baffling. Actually, I thought I was going to be a network engineer. Ashamed to say, only more than and 10 of our professional class to get a certificate.

use happy nets to promote the site to share

As everyone knows

SNS website now, be in full swing. The most representative of the domestic network and happy network. So how to use the SNS website to promote your website? According to the imagination in the happy nets Maple website promotion experience, here and share with you, say the wrong place, please correct me criticism, not much gossip said into the theme of

site operators "fifth" five no "

with the popularization and development of Internet, more and more people join the ranks of the individual owners, each to the establishment of the friends with great enthusiasm and fantasy, longing for future success! Most of the time is immersed in a utopian joy, but in reality, how can one step to successful? I think a lot of people and not the analysis of the system. Adhere to is the most we have heard a word, do not insist on the light will be able to succeed?.

website profitability is the key to the local website profit summary


survey was done, Chinese webmaster number, but the profit is small, there are about eighty percent of the owners are not profitable, website or in the "money" stage. The people on the network, or is the big winner, the success of the world’s rich list; or is still struggling on the food and clothing line, which is the majority of grassroots webmaster situation.

site to improve the weight of the main or rely on the original content

a lot of personal Adsense in ascension website weight is very easy to ignore the original content of the station, a strength of the chain, the chain is everything, then ignore the content of the site itself. Some time ago, as long as follow the rules of Baidu search engine, and then increase the appropriate one

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