Network anti plagiarism, far more complex than the Copyright Bureau reiterated, lying gun WeChat can


in April 22nd, the National Copyright Administration issued a "notice on regulating the copyright order of the network reprint", reproduced the authorization of the media norms. Although the above notice is more to the original legal review and reiterated, but the real world is far more complicated than the provisions, especially the "Information Network Transmission Right Protection Ordinance" left behind "the current article is reproduced in the pit, there is a gray area huge authorization.

Do not take the abstract

network media and traditional media content, perhaps this is the "notice" to give the impression that the most impressive one, which means that the network media can not be unauthorized use of traditional media content.

of course, this is not a new regulation, but the original provisions of the re.

traditional media network media cross-border unauthorized reprint ban

print can be abstract, without authorization to extract, similar to "reader", "press digest" is such a long-term operation. This gives the impression that the reprint is not authorized, at most to pay the transfer fee can be. Traces of this right, is the source of "copyright law" provisions of Article 33:

after the publication of the work, in addition to the copyright holder shall not be reproduced, excerpts, other newspapers can be reproduced or as abstracts, published data, but to the copyright owner shall pay the remuneration in accordance with the provisions of.

note, however, that the main body of this office is limited to the "press" and does not confer privileges on other subjects.

said that if the "copyright law" is not mentioned, so in 2013 to start implementing the "Regulations" the Supreme People’s Court on Several Issues concerning the application of law in civil dispute cases trial against the right to network dissemination of information is clear:

Internet users and Internet service providers without permission, through the information network to provide the right to enjoy the right to network dissemination of information works, performances, audio and video products, except as otherwise stipulated by laws and administrative regulations, the people’s court shall determine the infringement on the right to network dissemination of information behavior.

of course, the above provisions still alive, "in addition to laws and administrative regulations otherwise". What is otherwise stipulated, the most talked about is the issue of current news.

"copyright law" fifth provisions:

The object of this law is not applicable to

include (a) the laws and regulations, state organs and other resolutions, decisions and orders of legislative, administrative and judicial nature of the documents, and their official translations; (two) news; (three) calendar, numerical tables, general tables and formulas.

, which is provided by the business entity, is naturally current news.

in the end what is the current news, People’s Republic of China copyright law implementation regulations have the following definition:

current affairs news, is refers to through the newspaper, the periodical, the broadcasting station, the television station and so on the media reports the simple fact News >

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