Sitting on the valuation of the monkey monkey business days, are doing what


said is the sun’s end report concern, how can we miss the unicorn. Although the current valuation of tens and tens of billions of dollars, the crowd already numb, but some already among the unicorn Club guy, the valuation is still sitting on the channeling day like monkey, does not seem to influence this cold air transit, aren’t you curious what, what day? Before, CB insights for Tani Rinaomi more than and 140 listed high valuation of the company, conducted a valuation growth ranking list is too long, it is better to take you to see


music recognition application Shazam:100%

2015 Valuation: 1 billion

2014 Valuation: 500 million

major investors: KPCB, IVP

familiar with the melody but can’t think of the song, included under the fragments using a mobile phone, you can immediately tell you the answer, Shazam was founded in 2002, is mainly the identification of music business, but this year, it will extend to the recognition of the TV program, not only can help the user to identify music, TV shows mobile phone and tablet, but also can guide users to buy music, understand the trends in the region.

it is understood that the number of users Shazam has been close to 120 million, far more than competitors Spotify 75 million, the latter in this new round of financing in the valuation of 8 billion 530 million, while the Shazam get $30 million D round of financing at the beginning of this year, the valuation from $500 million last year to $1 billion.

enterprise services Medallia:100%

2015 Valuation: $1 billion

2014 Valuation: $500 million

main investor: Sequoia Capital

this is a customer experience management cloud services company, founded in 2001. The company’s SaaS customer experience management platform, you can collect information from the web, social media and other channels to collect customer feedback, real-time analysis and action, so as to optimize the customer experience, improve retention. Their services are mainly for retail, financial services, hotels, telecommunications and automotive industries, SONY, Sephora and Mercedes are its customers.

in July this year, the company received a $150 million investment from sequoia.

electricity supplier Honest: 100%

2015 Valuation: $1 billion 700 million

2014 Valuation: $800 million

main investors: IVP, the United States

says that the company may be a bit strange, but it’s your founder

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