Tonight to Wanda Commercial Square ibusiness O2O gameplay experience WiFi

today is the weekend, and his wife to go to the evening of Jinshan wanda. Found that the mall has been able to bear the free WiFi propaganda leaflets, then use the phone connected to the hot spot named wanda.


open the browser will automatically jump to Wanda just on the line of Wan ibusiness mobile home.


there are promotional information and profiles of the business, shopping activities, etc.. Tired of shopping in the DQ point of something, you can look at which shops have promotions, and can receive coupons directly. For example, the German court roast duck, is very convenient.


recorded the URL, back to open the computer found the WAN ibusiness O2O platform website Wanda Plaza, new line, is now in the stage of trial operation. Two Fuzhou Wanda has been opened, it seems quite Wanda tide, after intime after another super began to use WiFi to play O2O drainage. The site with the use of the latest html5+css3, but the whole experience fairly comfortable (except that the speed is not enough awesome.). With the help of WiFi O2O still have a lot of fun to look forward to, after all, free WiFi is very convenient and attractive, and each to the mall people basically carry a mobile device, such a large flow of drainage to the line, and then through the online guide to the next line of consumption, a model is complete. I hope this Wan ibusiness will have more better functionality and experience, such as: Wanda cinema movie online preview, online cinema, business reviews, instant group purchase group etc..


finally send a DQ in the new year’s blessing brought, send Dora A dream doll and limited laptop oh.

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