From the marketing point of view, on the train to sell wifi

recently, a 19 year old boy on the way home to sell Wi-Fi on the train, the car into the cafe, half an hour to earn 500 yuan micro-blog jump red topic. It is understood that the boy is actually using a browser, speed limit and other functions, 20k/s, 50k/s and 100k/s set speed, and the price is 10 yuan / hour, 15 yuan / hour, 20 yuan / hour, so when the network management.

demand is how high the price is high

it’s easy to see where the demand is from this incident. The Spring Festival has begun, whether migrant workers, students, or tall on the white-collar occupation, are eagerly looking forward to going home. And go home far away, stay on the train in a daze is really boring. Although a lot of people now have a mobile phone traffic packages, but want to watch movies free or worried about traffic exceeded, then the charges on the expensive. And the train often wear a cave or something, the signal is not good, more charges. Suddenly there was a supply of WiFi, which was really exciting news. Although the cost of an hour of expensive point, but compared to the long boring Road, the one or two hours of the network is very comfortable to sleep.

marketing pricing strategy

we all know that the train is much more expensive than the usual supermarket. On the one hand because of the difficulty of supply, on the other hand, because of the lack of resources. The passengers in the car if you’re hungry, do not have their own food, there is no way to obtain food sources, this time only to buy expensive meals on the train. This is the seller’s market, the same. The young man knows this very well, on the train, no one wants to sell the idea of WiFi than he, he is absolutely the only supplier. So the price is how much he said. This is why there are a lot of friends said, although the charges are high, but on the train one, too expensive to buy the reason.


small and medium-sized enterprises want to obtain the status of the seller’s market, we must get other companies can not get the resources or technical advantages, etc.. By occupying other companies in the industry can not or temporarily unable to enter the threshold, then in the case of the formation of a monopoly, the seller will have the final say.

marketing lot critical

The new path of the

on the train to sell Wi-Fi is simply the nouveau riche rich change. In fact, the same case also appears in other places, earlier in the East Gate commercial street on a man carrying a bundle of charging line in shopping and mobile phone battery charging. What do you think about the price? 10 yuan a minute. It is not impossible to imagine, but the reality is that a lot of people surrounded by hawkers around pay charge. The hawker chose the high flow of people in the business street, where the demand for high. Similarly, the young man on the train marketing his WiFi rather than in other places, because of the particularity of the place, resulting in the particularity of demand.

it’s like a shop location

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