Shanghai e-commerce site party registration breakthrough 500 people

      Party activities will begin on Saturday, August 25th at 1 p.m.. The conference highlights the exchange of e-commerce sites between peers, 500 registration list, at least 2/3 of e-commerce sites or B2B B2C.

      the party is completely free, the audience declined any form of advertising, including the guests will not be advertising in the share.

      conference organizer:


      planning: Wang Chenyun e-commerce counseling center

      CO: China outac, Dvbbs,, Liba, iResearch, Lanmang technology

      active background:

      electronic commerce website is one of the most popular website form now, many people are relying on the Internet to do business, have a good life, but the electronic commerce website management well, but there are a lot of experience, this exchange meeting, we will invite the guests to share the professional the content for everyone, the party the main theme:
      1, how to choose a good logistics provider
      2 to the electronic commerce website management
      3 how to do e-commerce website marketing

      remove the above theme, more importantly, you will be in the meeting with you as strong to many like-minded people to develop e-commerce, your contacts, the party to participate in free, does not charge any fees, the party sponsored by China most professional e-commerce distribution service a provider sponsored by Wang Chenyun, involved in the planning of electronic commerce counseling center support party will highlight the friendship, two words – practical, not the first eight virtual brain talk with eloquence.

      activity time: August 25, 2007 (Saturday) at 1 p.m.

      location: Shanghai (Nanjing West Road No. 178 Taixing Road, Wujiang road junction) Ruitai Hotel 3 floor ballroom

      traffic routes: Taixing road is located in Shanghai Jingan District Nanjing West Road and Wu Jianglu Road, Wujiang road traffic to any line can be reached, such as the metro line two Shimen Road exit, 18 road, 24 Road, 36 and so on.


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