A self-taught hacker website ndoorsman hung black chain money was detained

hacker was arrested. He was 29 years old, not tall, plump, had a small flat, typical Indoorsman. His education is not high, graduated from technical secondary school, in Hangzhou, a computer shop to work, mainly to do computer systems, repair, maintenance of technical work. Police said, a place of work, and rented room, everywhere is a computer magazine. The investigation was familiar with money who also said he was "pretty will study, understand a lot of computer knowledge." Working time in the computer store, while money to repair the computer, began to contact "hackers", also bought a lot of this kind of books and magazines, often on some BBS learning hacking techniques.

in less than 1 years, he learned a skill, resigned. The next job, he is already a company website maintenance.

in this new position, money began to learn new knowledge like hunger and thirst to: he had some website vulnerabilities scanning software on the Internet, regularly check the website vulnerabilities, security patches in a timely manner, improve the security of the website. Of course, he also make full use of the new technology, play a few tricks.

in some technical exchange QQ group, a keen to discover business opportunities: some of the site’s boss is willing to spend money to improve their search rankings, for example, in order to forward some ranking in Baidu search, they don’t spend money on Baidu light, also called on other small sites implanted into the hidden Links, this can also increase the Baidu ranking. A penny to his current level of technology, do the work is a piece of cake! He began to take business in the QQ group. Price is not high, hanging 30 sites only $50. Money is not the main, mainly to practice both hands and a sense of accomplishment, he said.

a very focused on user experience, users click on his hidden Links implantation site, and not feel any abnormal. "These links hidden in the page, with eye-catching advertising image impact the user’s eye will not, nor ‘bullying’ active window and jump to a new page, forcing users to watch ads, but not as some sites as one after another new window pops up advertising so annoying, users do not pay attention to the basic."

he often small website to start, "general small site will not be like the regular website, safety and maintenance work done are in place. Relatively easy to break." A small website using security vulnerabilities, access to these sites management authority, then customer needs to hide secretly implanted Links, doing what a handsome walk, leaving no trace.

from January 2009 began to be arrested in October 2012, he intermittently on thousands of small sites secretly implanted hidden links, the success is also more than 1 yuan. So, I heard the police come to this he earned ten thousand dollars, money really silly eye.

according to the reporter, on the site implanted hidden links, to other people’s computer information system to control, even if there is no damage to the normal operation of these sites, can also constitute

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