Silence after waking up webmaster domain built social map enabled comedian

domain name news: it is reported that the quiet years of the Larry domain was recently domestic personal webmaster enabled website. Open the site home page and found that it is a pinterest model of social sharing platform, the platform is located in the development of a variety of funny funny pictures. registered in April 18, 2005, has been a full seven years, can be understood as a comedian, small, small, clear and concise rich meaning of certain affinity, very suitable for the application of social networking platform. Each domain name is the best home station, only to be applied to the value of its existence. This domain has been silent for so many years, and now it is finally "laughing".

Success of

pinterest in foreign acquisition, as many Internet entrepreneurs to imitate the target. Since the model spread to China got the explosive development of all kinds of imitators like bamboo shoots after a spring rain set up, no lower than the influence of group purchase, or the future will trigger a new round of war group P.

domain name as the first step in the strategic deployment, the fiery industry, will drive the relevant domain name needs. The rise of the pinterest model, is bound to set off a new trading climax, for the domain name industry, is a rare investment opportunities. Love online advice, domain name investors should grasp the opportunity, look for opportunities to immediately shot.

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