Under arbitration! Phoenix domain name ifengdai.com.Net

renamed China (eName.cn) March 27th hearing, ifeng.com earlier to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) arbitration and mediation center on the malicious registration application for arbitration including ifeng.com trademark "IFENG" domain names ifengdai.com and ifengdai.net, recently won the WIPO award, ifeng.com won, ownership of the domain name ifengdai.com/.net.


figure: Phoenix

Phoenix Phoenix VS financial

ifeng.com is one of the most influential Chinese media in the media, the official website of the domain name ifeng.com is enabled in the United States, "fortune" magazine’s Gallup "Chinese on brand" survey, ifeng.com was selected as Chinese, one of the most famous brand. After 20 years of development, and ifeng.com trademark has become a household name.

dispute domain name ifengdai.com and ifengdai.net, which is the main body of the Phoenix trademark ifeng and Pinyin Dai composition. Domain name ifengdai.com/.net registration date for October 21, 2013. The Phoenix network as early as 2008, it is widely used in China, "IFENG" trademark.

respondent "ifeng.com loan registration and use a trademark dispute ifeng.com IFENG domain, and the use of" containing ifeng.com "Chinese" in the disputed domain name on the site, resulting in confusion in the market, so that consumers think there is a legal or business relationship disputes of domain name and the impact to the business ifeng.com, ifeng.com the "Phoenix financial sector". As a result, Phoenix filed a lawsuit last October 29th.

Pinyin Dai does not necessarily correspond to the Chinese loan

according to the domain name can be seen in the disputed domain name, "Dai" for the "loan" pinyin. The core part of the disputed domain name is ifeng, and the trademark of the IFENG trademark is identical to the Phoenix, that is, the disputed domain name has the same legal rights and interests of the IFENG trademark and the ifeng.com domain name.

interesting is that the Phoenix dispute domain name in the "Dai" should be Chinese characters "". But the panel believes that, according to the Chinese phonetic alphabet, "Dai" can be Chinese characters "loan" ("Dai" fourth). But if the other vowel to read the word "Dai" can also be "stay" ("Dai" or "bad" first sound) ("Dai" third times). "Dai" according to the different sound (a sound, three tone and four tone) pronunciation can be corresponding to a plurality of homonyms but different Chinese characters such as writing, stay, stay, bad, wear, and belts, bags, loans etc.. Therefore, the "Dai" is not necessarily the corresponding Chinese characters".

so, in general, the Panel >

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