Two promising bright future direction of the nternet

      from a few years ago the coquettish beauty to today’s downturn, shrinking, China Internet ups and downs of the fate, touched the hearts of countless people. China’s Internet industry go from here, this is not only the various sites, but also has become a common concern of government departments, business circles, theoretical research community. At the same time, it is also ready to a large number of private capital concern. The Internet is a big concept, including a variety of technologies, content services, intermediary services, the most important thing is related to the website platform, and the needs of users directly related to the business.

Internet economy experienced a "from heaven to earth", the Wall Street investment orientation has changed from the herd to become more rational. The shift of the international capital market is a reminder that China’s Web site operators should seek the support of the industry and look for profitable points. At present, this business is in a large differentiation, big reshuffle, the period of great unrest, the basic judgment of the direction of its development will be the only two directions are promising, is the main direction of development in the future.

is a kind of electronic commerce. No matter is the comprehensive business Alibaba, such as Taobao, or segments of the industry market of B2B, B2C, will be more promising, will certainly become dominating in the Internet market, Chinese. The reason is very simple, because they are new type of market forces, the process of Chinese market in capital strength, the force gathered a large number of the most outstanding IT talents, and operation mechanism is flexible and efficient. Of course, wearing a hat like B2B or B2C is not important, it is important how to grasp the needs of customers, what kind of business can be done online, value-added services where. For an e-commerce company, as long as the interests of customers, cost control properly, it must be a good business model, there is the value of existence, but also to become a growing company.

need to pay attention to is that e-commerce can not form and stabilize the mainstream commercial order in conflict, not to subvert the traditional business community’s core values, or suicide.

another way is the integration of Internet, wireless services and traditional industries. In other words, is to use a variety of advantages of the Internet, for the promotion of traditional industries, business expansion, to help them go blue ocean strategy. Practice has proved that a growing number of Internet Co, the Internet is not only a kind of can be used to do the same thing in a more efficient and more economical way, its value is not only cancel the middlemen, what’s more important is that the Internet is creating new value for customers and vendors, and then on the basis of more large-scale business activities triggered. From this sense, the Internet business value lies in innovation, and continuously meet the needs of new customers based on customer demand, some even is not very significant, so the potential demand can also be excavated, and then use new technologies to create demand. It is not enough just to move the traditional business to the Internet, the Internet is not just used to reduce intermediate links, reduce transaction >

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