Analysis on the three basic rules of marketing promotion



in Millet hunger tactics, major marketing techniques can be cast into the shade but under, the aura of the hunger marketing marketing practices also play the drippings sends! Today we have to understand the traditional marketing tactics.

a, cause concern

first of all in the early stages of marketing planning we need to make their products to attract enough attention, then what is the rate of concern? We take a recent case to explain the next


we may have heard recently YY astronomical acquisition of to do online education platform. YY is the use of the attention on the site not on the line before the release of the wind after claiming the purchase price major platforms on the news are crazy! Bring enough interest rate of YY. Basically a little curious people will enter this domain to view. (in this Maas wrote this article also unwittingly become a part of YY marketing). It is such a simple way to attract enough attention to the YY rate (compared to the friends can toss a little more than some of their account boost).

of course, this technique is not uncommon. For example: the purchase price, the purchase price of, the purchase price, the purchase price of (this article is written before the website is not on the line, Maas line on the site before will learn from this means a push to consider).

Of course,

attracts attention not only these. For example, all kinds of products to provide free gifts and so on can attract a lot of attention! This approach is also in the Internet today is in use by the master drippings sends! This is a marketing promotion ring do first


two, the demand for

What is the

for demand? When our products have enough attention, we need to put these concerns into 369, focus on user demand for the "special care" to give up all the useless "stir excrement stick" user. We are not that this technique may be relatively rare? It is not so rare, like the lottery platform are in fact the unspoken rule! The big data analysis platform is very cow B, especially Baidu! They can get some users from the user clicks on the habit of precipitation is equal user demand then the user needs to win the form into the next ring. The lottery website friends may often encounter Baidu Webmaster Platform. This is the kind of lottery, if you do not really need to want to smoke is really very difficult.

three, allowing users to expect

what is to let users expect? Meaning is to give you the opportunity you did not get, then you help me to promote, I give you a few more opportunities (forwarding, reprint, invite friends. This kind of technique and many

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