Depth analysis of the essence of Lu Songsong blog high access

personal blog now who is the most fire? Of course to a few Lou loose. What? Who is Lu Songsong? I’m sorry, you have out, please click on the window in the upper right corner of the small cross. I also began to pay close attention to the old Lu this blog in recent months. Overall, the 105 article, has brought 1714366 visits, the message, the 8722 comments, it can be said to be the leader in personal blog.

said the truth, Laolu blog post quality is quite high, very popular, every more than and 150 people comment is not surprising. What does Yang Wo want to say today?. The picture is not on, and some bad things, want to see to my blog to see the original text.

open, enter, point search to see what results, a total of 147 records. Let’s get it. Do not understand Xiao Yang to explain to you!

old Lu approach is this: the old Lu established several directory in his blog directory, not only the four, you have to look at it. Please ensure that your machine installed anti-virus software before opening the URL, will not come back.

point into what you see? Old Lu do illegal site?. You look at the turn of "all the links in the chain where? Yes, link to his blog post on the front. Old Lu put the number of illegal words ranking up, and then click on the click of this part of the traffic into the home page on the blog. Tens of thousands of blog posts, it is a small case ah.

at this point, we understand it, the old Lu blog high flow is a beautiful bubble. Maybe I shouldn’t crush it, but also blame Laolu, hang the backstage illegal pages have malicious scripts, don’t like the style.

if the old Lu happened to see this article, what you want to say, or want to share with me is how to put those words se up, you can go to my personal blog exchange. In the old Lu’s blog to learn a lot of things, a lot of long experience, whether it is in the blog user experience, or in the content, are great, blog dark horse, or deserved.

The original

address:, please keep the


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