The blog promotion notes

hasn’t written anything for a long time. I have no gift. Do 10 days of blog. Talk about the experience of 10 days.

      what do we blog for? Many of my friends think that only their own blog, not the number of plots, IP visit, but on the Internet, who do not want to IP it. My goal, to catch up with Xu (P words, is not a grade).

      select the domain name, as far as possible to choose COM, practice has proved that the search is more like COM and more resistant to CN. Some friends asked me, you can not use two meters, if you can, with the level of two meters and a meter what gap? In fact, with two meters can be completely. The gap is the customer’s heart. Search did not resist your two meters.

      select the domain name, then we have to qualitative content. Content is key. Many bloggers are writing their own stuff. Emotion. Love, the cause of these, of course, low, if you play, the following do not have to look at, not for you.

      content now includes entertainment information, technology, and so on. We select content, here is the promotion, remember in the page under the statistics, not to want you to see how many IP every day, but observation of keywords. Look at the number of keywords, and then to the key words to do content. For example: today the keywords of "out of 20, then, within a week, we strengthen the" outdated "naturally or half unconsciously this word to the title of the article and sentence. Do not blindly stack. For example, the title can be like this: our 80s sky is not outdated. The content can be increased as: 80s us, many people say that we left behind, actually just behind the modern people for 80 years after the date of young pet… Remember to update the content and information for this.

      addition. Do not blindly do popular keywords, a lot of popular words to do. Can achieve unexpected results. The title of the set a lot of friends love to use "|", personally think that the use space is much better than "|".

      on the search included problems: remember and have been included in the search site to do connection. Find high PR site. Or diligent to search that feedback to the site for a large blog put dark connection. Or go directly to Baidu space applications, but remember, do not submit more than 5 times the dark connection, your site is not safe.

      below, is to do the amount of. Baidu love frequently updated site, especially the new included site, every day he will send you the spider to climb the observation station, you do not diligent diligent. If diligent update, will come later on

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