Forum marketing strategy, tactics and fighting

with the rapid development of the Internet, various types of network marketing model has emerged, it was in accordance with the interactive marketing model, divided into Web1.0, Web2.0 model. Web1.0 is the main mode of network hard advertising and PPC, seize the information transfer entrance, and Web2.0 mode is representative of marketing, marketing and Marketing Forum WeChat micro-blog, focus on the interaction with the user.

of course, with the rise and decline of mobile terminal, PC terminal, occupied by the forum in network marketing in place is also showing a downward trend, but this does not hinder the forum marketing is still an important part of the marketing network, office and office information collection is still focused on the PC side, forum marketing can still play an important role, the key lies in the marketing, what is the product, more suitable for the WeChat platform, clothes and other light mask products, and the localization of life services, such as education, accounting agency and so on, the forum is still an indispensable marketing positions.

so, how to do marketing forum? Extension network Mita think to do forum marketing, we must first understand the forum. The nature of the forum is the distribution of individual information, the influx of a large amount of information every day, different views, views collide, information transmission, the views of the argument to attract attention. Regardless of the altar, a good forum, is bound to be full of all kinds of quarrels. Sichuan Meida extension network technology limited liability company according to the nature of the individual information center forum, summed up a good forum marketing "strategic" and "tactical" and "combat" experience, share as follows:


a strategic level, to identify the positioning of products and customers

in the forum to do marketing, we want to promote the product analysis, positioning a good forum for the promotion of the forum. For example, the real estate development forum for customers looking for you to do the promotion, to transfer the accurate property information to potential customers, how should I do? To Chengdu network marketing as an example, is to spicy community post? The answer is negative, there are two reasons, first, there is no analysis of the characteristics of the product, second no analysis of potential customers gathering network.

do product characterization. With the extension of network as a real Meida do network marketing planning as an example, what is the main event where regional apartment layout, competitors around, what is the exclusive characteristic of the real estate, existing customers, age, gender, regional sector income, what is the job occupation, how much is the potential customers through the network, or be able to understand the real estate forum information and so on, a series of problems need detailed analysis to Mozhun potential customer demand and market advantages, in order to effectively plan a marketing forum.

is then the analysis of customer network aggregation. In the regional forum, yes, in the industry forum, is also true, but the specific investment which forums, each forum advertising how to promote the various forums in the form of information, is

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