From the Comhuan barter network does not open to see the development of exchange network

2006, Qu pin for villa myth into Chinese, the country set off a network exchange boom, it seems that a new network was suddenly opened, around the exchange sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like blossom everywhere. The first is the comhuan barter network, the country’s largest barter website, every day visitors reached about one hundred thousand people, this is a highly sought after website users, has suddenly shut down overnight, the spread of the Internet in a variety of argument, however, hundreds of thousands of users have to find another website. But throughout the entire exchange field, whether it is compared to the size of the site, function, and popularity can barter network.

is the field of barter really can not do? As a guest with the exchange of experience of my own, and we explore this topic. First of all, from the perspective that the national advocate of building a conservation minded society under the background of the field is a great way to barter, who did not idle things, a city of millions of people, there are one hundred thousand 80000 people on your network, you have money". Secondly, the change of material is a typical Web2.0 web site, all the content provided by users, the financial cost of the site is not very large. So why do not change a lot of things to make money, have closed down? I think it is because the site’s profit model is not clear, publicity is not in place.

first said the publicity, there are a lot of ways to promote the site, there is not much to say, mainly to talk about the appropriate material for the network publicity. At present, the exchange of, given the trouble and safety of logistics, clearing the highest success rate, the website can build some of the city circle and exchange QQ group, according to the region, such as: Luohu circle; or by sub groups, such as maternal and child group, which is beneficial to the online exchange. Conditional can be held under the line of the city for the activities of the material, the location selected in public places, which is conducive to publicity and easy media attention. Can also come close to the community, providing a platform for the owners of the District, you can exchange idle items, but also to promote neighborhood relations, such activities are willing to participate in a number of property companies. In the establishment of a stable population of visitors, these people through word of mouth and can achieve the purpose of improve website popularity.


profit model, which is the fundamental problem of website to live, on the earnings we first thought is advertising, as long as the flow is large enough, all websites can make money through advertising, but at present a lot of popularity not how to change things. Have seen the Internet mentioned can make money by "corporate barter" seems promising, but many small change things is difficult to operate, no capital, no legal status, how can you "barter enterprise". In fact, the exchange network is the largest customer is the ordinary passengers, as long as they can help quickly and safely dispose of unused items, they can bring benefits to you. The biggest difficulty in changing things is that I look at you, but you can not see me, unequal exchange, it is difficult to succeed. In view of this, I think we should refer to the next Shenzhen exchange network, the introduction of virtual currency, as a medium for change

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