The success of the fans network model allows entertainment marketing more precise

The rapid growth of

fans network proves the success of its business model. We have mastered the terminal groups of entertainment consumption, our ability to control the fans is the key to access to business opportunities."

since 2002 MBA graduation, Liu Xiaolei entered it in investment and financing work. This is the investor Wang Chaoyong founded the investment company, in its less than a year, on direct investment 15 U.S. Silicon Valley and China high-tech companies, the total funds raised more than $two hundred million, is regarded as a "crazy Internet industry investors".

although Liu Xiaolei did not experience during the 2001 wangchaochong reverse operation of Sohu stock of the classic battle, but in 2005, Baidu ChinaEquity investment success, Liu Xiaolei has been involved, since this is the one of the most dazzling ChinaEquity was also the most profitable investment.

at the end of 2005, 10 million of the investment project web wangchaochong started, Liu Xiaolei was mobilized over. Currently, the 29 year old Liu Xiaolei is the vice president of the fan network, in charge of the market as well as the company’s investment and financing business.

engaged in investment and financing and the operation of the enterprise is not the same as after all." Liu Xiaolei to accept the new China Times interview, said the Internet is too fierce competition. From the fans on the first day of the network, it is necessary to compete with the major portals, the company’s business model is very difficult to develop." He said.


just at the beginning of the founding, the founder of Wang Jipeng in an interview with this newspaper once said that the network is to accelerate a pressing matter of the moment fans and then the distance, go faster and faster, the higher threshold.

The development of

two years, fan network has set up a vertical entertainment portal Web2.0 example: now the daily PV reached 44 million for the later, the daily added 25 thousand new registered users, posting more than 300 thousand articles; has nearly 10000 kinds of fans, including hundreds of members of more than 5000 large active fans. The average monthly visits; and registered users increased by 30%.

according to Ai Rui’s ranking, in September 2007, after the visit to the network of fans and entertainment Tencent TOM, third in the entertainment site. Judging from the integrated traffic rankings, fans ranked among the top 50 Chinese traffic.

now, fans of network has been the introduction of the second round of financing, Liu Xiaolei said, the second round of investment will end before the Spring Festival, the amount of investment will be around $12 million, the new funds will help consolidate the web user internet value-added services and service items surrounding the star.

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