How do use QQ space to operate CPA three months income of $150 thousand.

Hello everyone, I am very happy to share their own money story.

long ago contacted CPA, also see they earned some money, just for the promotion of registration do not really interested, then see some friends do CPA paid by some methods, he also began to try on this one, practice, combined with self innovation and the method work hard, for a long time, not out, very hard, but also very fun, after all, see their pay in the constant returns. A method of continuous daily Sike, as the flow tends to be stable, daily traffic more than 20 thousand, accidentally broke through 150 thousand yuan income.

can give you a look at my two CPA alliance platform revenue screenshot, to show you, do not believe you can come directly to me to verify. Since coming here to share with you, there is no need to boast of their own, completely realistic, to write their own experience. So, to give you some reference and inspiration.

it would be for everyone to see my income ally advertising and advertising alliance uknow.

orange League some revenue:

uneed advertising alliance because there is no income summary, 00 pieces of me not a screenshot. In short, a number of alliance platform together 3 months operating income of more than 150 thousand yuan.

operation of the CPA project I summed up the following points:

1: drainage

QQ group, the QQ tribe, Tianya, people network, such as a large amount of attention are a good place to attract the accurate flow with Q. This is what I have to operate a QQ space to talk about the amount of view, but also the only one can intercept the space to show long chart.

two: QQ space layout

Taobao or Baidu to buy some QQ, 8 bit 9 bit some of the sun, the best, the QQ, the space to create a good decoration, several key part is the album’s title, album, mobile phone encryption end background map, about the content, publish, say the comments are key to mention high flow transformation, I present the conversion method can reach more than 15%.

three: execution, focus, continuous

execution is the import flow, continuous drainage can attract traffic places to go, and then use a viral tool, continue to enlarge the flow, I post every day traffic stable at around 20000, this is because I continue execution, fiercely dry results. Almost no time to go out to play, there is no mood. Of course, good people, days, also gave me a good return.

months are 50 thousand yuan, compared with some big cattle

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