Actual article social operation of KP what are the problems and how to solve

do people generally have been a part of the experience of being raped, do community operations are estimated to be five mixed. Most of the abuse is to know a lot of heart is not reasonable, but they do not have a better plan. Before reading this article, we first look at the South Korea’s article eight real cases, look at the survival of the existing situation and the way out of the operating group, I have no idea that I repeat. Today, I focus on community operations.


two days ago, I launched a bureau of activities, the theme is to talk about the company’s own community operations which indicators, KPI in the end how to set up ". When I started this activity set up 5 yuan into the group threshold, the results of the day received more than 500 yuan. This shows that this is indeed a topic of common concern.

Summary of activities in the community are as follows

down operations this general KPI index: the conversion rate, re purchase rate, activity, amount of new users and community activities, the number of each activity participation, friends punctuate praise number etc.. There is simply no clear KPI, in the sense of stone river crossing.

then I asked you to evaluate these KPI from three perspectives, namely: KPI rules set perspective, KPI executive perspective, the affected user perspective. The first two characters feel that these KPI is relatively reasonable, but the final effect is very general, user feedback is to get feedback from the community is boring, this is a very interesting phenomenon.

we come together to analyze these indicators, summed up into three categories: results oriented KPI, process oriented KPI, no clear KPI. Specific division is as follows:

KPI: new results oriented user increment, conversion rate, re purchase rate, activity participation, friends punctuate praise number;

process oriented KPI: activity, activity frequency.

KPI problem

"user added" will only bring more zombies

we are going to conduct an analysis of the above indicators. This is a very common indicator of the amount of new users, but when you use this indicator in the early days is bound to have such a result: no matter who the other party, pull in to say.

do you expect salesman with your quality and quantity to complete the task a bit unrealistic. So it is bound to lead to a result: you build a theme on the end of the group will often come in a lot of irrelevant people, many people do not know what they are doing. Often the quality of such communities are not high, you finally want to produce conversion is also very difficult.

"conversion" and "re purchase rate" is not operable

conversion and re purchase rate is an indicator that you can not clearly implement. Do you think you know what to do when you get the


some leaders say, where do I

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