Shenzhou car B round of financing of $550 million acquisition of NOKA Alonso has made new progress

lead: B round of financing, Shenzhou car operators and car technology Co. Ltd. at a $3 billion 550 million valuation……

1 Shenzhou car announced the completion of $550 million B round of financing

today, Shenzhou car operators and car technology Co. Ltd. officially announced the completion of $550 million B round of financing. The new investors include industrial information management, Xinhua Chinese Chengtong and capital, Credit Suisse and other 7 institutions, the original shareholders, Warburg Pincus, China auto rental and Lenovo holdings Jun linked capital also participated in the round of investment. After the completion of the current round of financing, excellent car technology valuation of $3 billion 550 million.

2 Arno merger new progress: the new company, NOKIA executives accounted for 10

NOKIA’s acquisition of Alcatel lucent has made new progress, NOKIA yesterday announced the management and organization, combined with the new company according to the understanding, the new management team will have 13 executives, NOKIA executives will occupy 10 seats. NOKIA executives dominate the new management team. It is reported that NOKIA’s current CFO Timothy · Moti La Hija will serve as the new company after the merger of the CFO, and NOKIA’s network business chief business officer (CBO) Zhou Dehan will serve as chief operating officer of the company new customers (CCOO). At the same time, NOKIA also plans to spin off NOKIA’s network business, and another department NokiaTechnologies released earnings. NokiaTechnologies is mainly responsible for patents and new technology business, will continue by ramz · khaddam, leadership.

3.Alphabet CFO: reorganization of Google and save money does not matter


parent company Alphabet chief financial officer Ruth – Polateben week said, Google’s recent reorganization of Alphabet is not to cut costs. "You can’t go to the top by cutting costs." Polate said the move will ensure that revenue growth in the process, we will through the fine and orderly way to increase management costs". Polate said that the reorganization is for this purpose. "My feeling is that investors are our partners, as well as the interests of the company. I understand that they are trying to set up a financial model for the company." "I’ve been focused on helping them understand our ideas, whether it was in my previous career or here," she said."

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