Thoughts on the operation mode of B2B E-commerce

B2B e-commerce business model, not simply to do an online supermarket and logistics, is not only conducive to enterprise marketing and run online window, an advertising company more than e-commerce operators to promote enterprise commodity run (advertising is only a variety of business operators in the project the), B2B (business to business) business model, from the environment of market economy, the network economy market space angle, thinking to operate from the overall concept of e-commerce this strategic perspective.

B2B (enterprises) with strong pertinence, special features and irreplaceable commodity characteristics of heavy industry, chemical industry, energy source, machine and equipment, and the commercial operation of the operator’s professional requirements are very strong, the market characteristics of the business model, is a marketing more hidden hidden market consumption. It is based on the first order (agreement or contract, after the commodity economy) for various industries, for industrial products based enterprises special raw materials (raw materials, fuel, machinery and equipment, spare parts, etc.), which is based on the industrial chain, logistics chain, upstream and downstream product chain exists in the form of traditional convection consumer goods market, its long production cycle, long cycle, long period of payment delivery. The object of B2B e-commerce operators online services, basically is the country’s main backbone enterprises, between various industries and enterprises, in fact is the existence of mutual supply, mutual trade, mutual supply, circulation circulation market strategic trade union body.

their goods in the market, basically rely on the enterprise reputation, professional, more rely on the professional market sales of personal ability to sell goods (by commodity renewal to speed up, the market competition is more intense, the relationship between supply and demand, and frequent changes) part of the enterprise, due to the popularity of enterprise the goods, reputation and financial market due to poor communication, grasp the market opportunities by time and space constraints, enterprises pay human, financial, energy is too large (the cost of sales of about 6-15%), enterprise commodity management costs, purchase and sale cost will increase, sometimes, the passage of time, fail on the verge of success. This is the traditional management, the traditional market, traditional trade, the biggest drawbacks of traditional business. The development and development in the market economy gradually standardized under the environment of Internet, technology, electronics, telecommunication technology, office automation technology, television transmission technology gradually mature, IT industry, software industry, in the natural and natural birth of the e-commerce. What is the market positioning of e-commerce operators to carry out B2B business model? Is commodity agents? No, two dealers from the fight for the difference? Not, is to attract more members to participate in, rely on membership fees as the major source of revenue? Not, (of course, the membership fee is charged, but not as the main direction).

as the B2B business operation of e-commerce operators, should be impartial, intermediary business, brokers, should be trusted by many companies, rely on the online market, online trading online service providers. As open >

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