Film 2012 network marketing methods to explain

< 2012> 2009 is one of the most popular movies, attracting the audience’s attention, although in the past 2 years, but some network marketing methods in today is still applicable, worthy of our reference.

, viral marketing:

2012 as a popular event, and mystic Mayan culture "doomsday" such topics together associated with it, there will be some characteristics of itself viral marketing, manufacturing mystery or associated with these events, to increase the spread of virus effect, the film released in the previous year by the early movie trailer encouraged the audience "Google" in 2012, of course, users search for "2012", we can find out the mystery and topic related.

two, official website marketing:

< 2012> set up their own official website, through from the multi-faceted text, pictures, videos and other levels of publicity, so that the screen from the sound, visual, feel all angles to immersive. Under normal circumstances, the site is the basis of network marketing, combined with multi-level web site, so that users feel the content of the website promotion.

three, website group promotion:

have to say website promotion station group is a kind of network marketing is very good, there are many domestic and foreign enterprises are with this approach, < film; 2012> in addition to the official website, in addition to the other four affiliated websites, virtual news websites can release and interactive function. For example, registered for the "survival lottery", the election of 2012 leaders, can encourage the silence in the story of the film, who participated in the election of the visitors can participate in the competition, will have the opportunity to win the Mexico Cancun Maya site tour or other rewards.

four, SNS social networking platform promotion:

film < 2012> Facebook and MySpace were in their established thematic pages, there are a lot of fans have joined, and < 2012> in these social platform in the update, all the fans will see, and comments, as everyone knows, is now promoting social networking platform has been very hot, the promotion of social the platform has become a trend.

five, social bookmarking bookmarks promotion

we can see that the social bookmarking platform at the bottom of the home link, through bookmarks can let more users know that the promotion of the website, the network marketing, can not only bring traffic, is also a way to increase the chain, and increase the weight of their own website.

six, micro-blog marketing:

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