Good sister band marketing is a good time to sell live albums

walked in the forefront of the marketing of a good sister band played a new pattern – a good sister band in Wuzhen to do a closed camp, and broadcast the sixth album "real name system" creation.

in Wuzhen for a period of nine days, from February 6th to February 14th. Good sister band combined with the eight live platform, will be broadcast two hours a day of creative process.

in addition to playing live, in the album sales, the real name system also has different strategies. NetEase cloud music exclusive pre-sale of this digital album, in these nine days to take a gradient pricing. Details are as follows:


officially launched, the real name system will restore the price of 20 yuan. Album is expected on April on-line.


good sister continued his relaxed wacky style in the broadcast, live on the album songs and singing (NetEase introduced cloud music album, the tracks are numbered), but more often, live more like Qin Hao and Zhang Xiaohou two people "a treasure", two people Tucao joke, rest occasionally play games, do not forget to watch a live interaction with fans, such as fans singing songs on demand.

is responsible for the band from the Chunsheng studio data given in micro-blog, good sister live received a lot of attention: the first day of the Chinese prickly ash, launched in 17 minutes 500 thousand people to watch, watch the highest number reached 906 thousand, while 93% of users beat.

addition, the real name system in the first two days of pre-sale, sales exceeded the 50 thousand. However, sales from the album 5 yuan rose to $10 after slowing the pace of growth. As of 11 pm in the afternoon of 5, the real name system sales in about 58600.

for the good sister band’s music, like the fans think it is simple and fresh and able to resonate, people do not like the lack of technical content. But it is undeniable that the good sister band has been very busy in the marketing of music. Qin Hao and Zhang Xiaohou two people funny, open character itself also won a lot of fans for their. This should be one of the reasons why they think they can make a living with the live.

in the live before they had propaganda to try and create new styles, in the process of gradually identify the positioning style sell sell adorable funny rot.

, for example, in March 2014, the NetEase cloud music · campus music open day "activities held at the Peking University, a good sister band as the first special guest to the university that thing as the theme, the scene of many students and fans talk about youth, share music style and mentality, mutation, to your sister radio (exclusive sister station) style, staged an inspirational talk without integrity.

their true and humorous style on micro-blog, >

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