Updated AAM Tweaks Digital Issue Reporting Guidelines

first_img U.S. Digital Sponsored Magazines to Report “Unique Opens” on December 2017 AAM Reports When the delivery of digital magazine issues are sponsored by third-party companies, magazine publishers may report the copies as “digital sponsored” subscriptions or single-copy sales on AAM reports. The AAM board approved a change that applies to only U.S. magazine publishers, which will require them to prove that the issue was delivered and opened by the consumer, starting with July 2017 issues. Editor’s note: The original article on this Alliance for Audited Media rule change contained a series of misconceptions about what classes of digital magazine circulation were actually affected. In the interest of accuracy, we’ve provided the AAM’s original announcement below. The Alliance for Audited Media (AAM) announced yesterday a trio of new initiatives stemming from the latest meeting of its board of directors — among them, a rule change requiring publishers to prove “unique opens” of those digital magazines whose delivery is sponsored by a third-party company. View the full announcement from the AAM below. In connection with this change, AAM recently certified ValueMags—a platform that fulfills digital sponsored magazine subscriptions—to ensure the platform tracks “unique opens” in a way that is consistent with industry guidelines and best practices as well as AAM magazine reporting criteria. The certification helps fast-track AAM audits for magazines that use ValueMags to deliver their sponsored issues.last_img read more

Legislature OKs up to 125M for new LIO site

first_imgThe Wells Fargo building in the Spenard neighborhood of Anchorage in July 2006. (Creative Commons photo by Dana)Download AudioThe contentious plan over what to do with the Legislative Information Office in downtown Anchorage became more confusing Monday night, when the Legislative Council approved spending up to $12.5 million to buy the Wells Fargo Bank building in Anchorage’s Spenard neighborhood.The decision opens up even more uncertainties about the future of the LIO.The council started looking at new real estate options after Governor Bill Walker threatened to veto a $32.5 million appropriation for lawmakers to buy the current LIO building on the corner of Anchorage’s 4th Avenue.In March, a state judge found the council had violated competitive bidding requirements in negotiating renovation work, and ruled that the state’s 10-year lease of the LIO is invalid.Council chairman Sen. Gary Stevens, R-Kodiak, said that amid a veto threat from the governor he was forced to look for cheaper alternatives.“That really places me in a very tenuous, very difficult position,” Stevens said by phone from Juneau, adding that its his job as chair to make sure there is office space available for Anchorage legislators to conduct government business.Stevens sees the Wells Fargo building as the best deal on the table. The bank would rent out the first-floor retail space for its branch. The two vacant upper floors of the 47,000 square-foot building are “move-in ready.” Though he couldn’t provide specifics for how much tenant improvements will cost, Stevens believes they’ll be minimal, and not add much on top of the purchase price.The council is beginning a 60 day exploratory phase to ensure the building is structurally sound and can accommodate lawmakers’ needs.“We want to make sure that if we decide to purchase it that it’s a building worth what we’re paying for,” Stevens said.After talking with Walker’s chief of staff, Stevens was assured the governor would not veto this purchase option, which Katie Marquette, press secretary for the governor’s office, confirmed in an email.While the purchase price is much lower than the proposal to buy the current LIO building, it’s not clear how much more money the state might have to pay if a lawsuit is filed by the owners of the downtown property.Amy Slinker, a spokesperson for the building’s owners, declined to say whether they are currently considering suing to recover tens of millions of dollars sunk into the renovation. Asked about the council’s action, Slinker wrote in a text message, “We are reviewing the decision.”Stevens is not concerned.“Lawsuits go both ways,” he said. “They could sue us, we could sue them. But the contract we have is void, that’s what the judge has said, so how (are) they going to sue us? Sue us for what?”Another uncertainty is how much of the $12.5 million approved by the council will go to a commission for the real estate broker facilitating the sale.On large commercial sales, Wells Fargo typically outsources the job of securing a deal to a broker, explained Joe Everhart, regional president for Wells Fargo in Alaska.“All I know right now is that the Legislature is interested,” Everhart said. “The legislature is talking to our broker.”Everhart estimated the commission will be at four to six percent of the sale price, which could mean $500,000 to $750,000 for broker Marc Dunne.But the commission figure is a “moving target,” according to Dunn. Reached by phone, Dunn declined to provide a range on how much he could make from the sale, saying only that he can “guarantee it’s less than four percent” of the total price.The Anchorage Downtown Partnership asked the council to keep the office downtown, writing in a letter signed by Board President Gideon Garcia that moving the location conflicts with the city’s long-term planning and zoning goals, putting the potential sale at odds with the state’s own regulatory statute over land use.Stevens noted that lawmakers have had offices in Anchorage’s Midtown district in the past.The 14 members of the Legislative Council have to approve the purchase before a contract can be signed.In other action, the Legislative Council voted to release the late Rep. Max Gruenberg’s papers to his widow, Kayla Epstein. The council also set up a process for releasing a legislator’s records after their death to his or her family.A lawyer with the legislature’s legal services division advised that Gruenberg’s papers shouldn’t be released under legislative immunity after the Anchorage Democrat’s death in February.Andrew Kitchenman contributed reporting for this story from Juneau.last_img read more

Giving Tuesday — How To Know Which Charities Are Legit

first_img 00:00 /05:42 Share Listen It’s Giving Tuesday – the Tuesday after Thanksgiving…following Black Friday and Cyber Monday.Today is the day many charities and nonprofits aggressively encourage your donations. You’ve probably come across such pushes online, on social media, via e-mail, by phone and so forth.But how do you know which of those seeking a few bucks from you are on the up and up, and which are…well, not?We ask Dr. Laila Sorurbakhsh, who directs UH-Downtown’s Nonprofit Management master’s program. To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Xlast_img read more

New circuit design allows for elimination of laptop charger brick

first_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. The new adaptor has come about due to the development of a new circuit design by MIT professor David Perreault—it’s able to run at higher frequencies (between 30MHz and 300MHz-a thousand times faster than conventional adapters) due to a power reclaiming scheme he developed. The result is a 65 watt power adapter that can be used to charge a variety of laptops or other devices such as smartphone or tablets (because it comes with a 2.1A USB connector)—it can even charge more than one device at a time.FINSix says the tiny adapter is just the first of what will be a whole new line of power electronics devices based on the new circuit design—from AC/DC converters to power controllers in devices ranging from air conditioners to more efficient electric motors—all courtesy of the increased frequency range. The new design allows for recycling power that in traditional designs is lost, preventing the loss of efficiency that typically occurs with other circuits when upping the frequency range. Representatives for FINSix say the new design (which uses what they call Very High Frequency power conversion technology) leaps over conventional barriers and will pave the way for more efficient electronic devices that are also smaller and lighter. The new adapter which doesn’t appear to have a name or price yet, is likely to be extremely popular among laptop users (when it becomes available for sale sometime mid-2014) as it will allow those who tote laptops around to downsize their carrying case and to leave chargers for other devices at home. The company plans to unveil the new adapter to the public at next month’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where it will be featured as an Engineering Award winner in the Portable Power category. Explore further (Phys.org) —Power electronics maker FINsix Corporation has announced the development of what is being called the world’s smallest laptop adaptor—one that is just a quarter the size of traditional models and just a sixth the weight—it comes as a standard wall plug, eliminating the “box on the ground” format so familiar to laptop users. More information: www.finsix.com/center_img © 2013 Phys.org Citation: New circuit design allows for elimination of laptop charger brick (2013, December 24) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2013-12-circuit-laptop-charger-brick.html UN aims to pull plug on plethora of power supplieslast_img read more

Some tradition some modernity at WLFW

As the curtain rises for the Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week, designers are gearing up to put out their best. Jyoti Sharma, a participating designer,  will showcase her new collection. Her spring summer 2013 collection called ‘Nrpusta–Regalia of a Modern Princess’ will be unveiled at the event.Nrpusta refers to The King’s Daughter and is a collection which is meant to bring out a modern princess  in every girl!‘My collection titled Nrpusta refers to the King’s daughter. It personifies the modern Indian princess who has thrived through the most revolutionary journey till today. She is someone who is traditional at heart but modern in approach. The collection is a mix of Indian and western line with focus on short dresses, skirts and lehangas embroidered with Mughal motifs,’ said Jyoti. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The collection also embraces clean-cut silhouettes, standing collars and strong shoulders with the  Mughal motifs in the designer’s style of handcrafts and intricate ornamentation. The ensembles  are rich with the colours of royalty, like red, blue, beige, rust, orange and black, with golden highlights. ‘I have designed this collection thinking of Royal princesses. I love making Indian and Western garments and this time I am designing festive wear for the first time,’ Jyoti added.So what is the colour and fabric the coming season?‘The coming spring and summer you will find yourself wrapped in heavenly fabrics, adorned with fabulous vivid colors, and royal colours like rusty orange with fabric like chanderi,’ said Jyoti.She predicted that the draped pants, surface ornamentation and 3D cut ‘work could make a comeback in the upcoming fashion week.’ read more

Costa Ricas ambassador to US weighs in on the migrant dilemma

first_imgRelated posts:Costa Rica calls for regional meeting to address flood of Cuban migrants Desperate Cubans mass at Nicaragua’s closed border After Central America slog, Cubans can expect US welcome Costa Rica winds down humanitarian mission for Cuban migrants with presidential send-off WASHINGTON, D.C. – Costa Rica has long been the destination of choice for poor immigrants from neighboring Nicaragua. But now, the country is becoming a refuge for increasing numbers of Salvadorans fleeing violent crime and gangs, Cubans desperate to reach the U.S. border, and stateless “transcontinentals” arriving from as far as Iraq, Bangladesh and Somalia.Román Macaya, Costa Rica’s ambassador to the United States, tried to make sense of it all during a recent public appearance at the Ronald Reagan Building in the U.S. capital.Macaya’s Jan. 20 speech, most of which focused on his country’s achievements in education, health care, ecotourism and high-tech business investment, came the same day The Washington Post, quoting a study by the Center for Migration Studies, reported that the U.S. undocumented immigrant population has fallen to 10.9 million – the lowest since 2003.That continued “a nearly decade-long decline that has the potential to reshape the debate over reforming the nation’s immigration system,” said the report, adding that the number of undocumented immigrants has dropped each year since 2008, driven primarily by a steady decline in migrants from Mexico.“Sharper declines from South America and Europe have contributed to the overall numbers,” it said, “even as illegal immigration from Central America, where families with children have flocked across the southwest border in recent months, is on the rise.”Macaya, speaking to members of the Washington Intergovernmental Professional Group, said that of the 68,541 unaccompanied minors apprehended by the U.S. Border Patrol in fiscal year 2014, “not one of those children was Costa Rican.”On the contrary, he said, “we are a destination for migrants of all types. Not only are we getting people from the Northern Triangle, between 100,000 to 120,000 Americans consider Costa Rica home today.”Macaya, who’s been posted to Washington since September 2014, said he spent part of his Christmas vacation back home, accompanying two Texas lawmakers – U.S. Reps. Henry Cuellar (D) and Kay Granger (R) – to shelters housing Cuban migrants, to the Costa Rica-Nicaragua border, and to a meeting with President Luis Guillermo Solís.“They were very impressed with how we took care of these migrants, making sure they were documented and legal, and taking them in an orderly fashion through this process,” Macaya, 49, told his audience of business executives, government officials and lobbyists – most of whom, by a show of hands, had never set foot in Central America.Read more stories about the Cuban migrants here From left, Allyson McKithen, senior operations manager at the Ronald Reagan Building’s Office for Trade Promotion, Román Macaya, Costa Rica’s ambassador to the United States, and Nelson Garcia, president of Washington Intergovernmental Professional Group LLC. Larry Luxner/The Tico TimesDouglas Farah, writing in Foreign Policy, noted on Jan. 19 that “while the budget Congress passed in December surprisingly gave the Obama administration $750 million of the $1 billion requested in aid for Central America, 75 percent of aid was conditioned on the regional governments reining in corruption, strengthening the rule of law and judicial structures, and ending rampant impunity. Given the complexities of the possible disbursements and the unlikeliness of the conditions being met, money will likely not begin to flow for at least a year and then only in trickles.”At any rate, Macaya said Costa Rica would only see “a tiny fraction” of that U.S. generosity, adding that the Cuban migrant crisis is having a much bigger impact on his country at the moment.“With the normalization of relations between the United States and Cuba, a lot of people in Cuba who might have thought of immigrating to the U.S. have started to fear that the Cuban Adjustment Act – which allows any Cuban citizen who makes it to dry land to stay here legally – might disappear,” he said.Flying from Cuba to Ecuador, they started making their way north, “helped by human traffickers along this whole trip,” said Macaya. “Suddenly, thousands of migrants sort of surfaced in Costa Rica, and they didn’t have anyone to lead them. They went to the border with Nicaragua to continue north, and Nicaragua shut the border on them.”The impasse sparked a humanitarian crisis that has seen some of estimated 7,800 migrants waiting in limbo since November. Meanwhile, Costa Rican taxpayers have spent about $3 million to care for them. The two Texas representatives who toured those shelters with Macaya are urging some form of U.S. assistance to deal with the crisis.“We began issuing temporary transit visas, but it’s now been about two months,” Macaya said. “We began housing these migrants in schools, shelters and gymnasiums. It’s been a real effort, not just by the government but also civil society. This is a real case study, with people coming to shelters to invite Cuban migrants to stay with them.”But it now appears that a solution has finally been found.On Jan. 20, as the diplomat was speaking in Washington, officials from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico met in Guatemala City, where they agreed to a second airlift that would follow the same route and logistics as a Jan. 12 test flight.Under that plan, the Cubans will fly from Costa Rica over Nicaraguan airspace to El Salvador, where they will travel on buses through Guatemala to the Mexican border at Tapachula, and from there to Texas. With two flights a week carrying 180 migrants per planeload, it should take roughly five months to move all the Cubans out of Costa Rica.As complicated as that sounds, said Macaya, another wave of migrants is even more challenging: “transcontinental migrants” from Africa, Asia and the Middle East.“They’re not coming in the same number as Cubans, but they’re very worrisome because of their profile,” he said. “When the Cubans show up, they tend to be healthy and educated. We spoke to many of them who are doctors, engineers, athletes and artists. But when these ‘transcontinentals’ make their way to South America, they have no IDs. When we catch them, there isn’t a single piece of paper on them.”These refugees are often Somalis, Pakistanis, Syrians, Bangladeshis or Nepalese.“They don’t speak English or Spanish, so we don’t even know if that’s true,” he said. “There are no consulates anywhere near Costa Rica for these countries they claim to be from.”Adding to the problem, said Macaya, is the fact that “they’re under the radar. Unlike the Cubans, they don’t want to be seen.”Read more immigration stories here Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impa

first_img Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Best Play – Tyrann Mathieu’s touchdown-saving strip vs. St. Louis – There have been several plays that could qualify: Michael Floyd’s amazing catch against the Rams and Andre Ellington’s 80-yard run against Atlanta among them. But Mathieu’s all-out hustle play in Week 1 when he saved a touchdown by poking the ball out of the hands of Rams’ tight end Jared Cook was both a reminder of the Honey Badger’s playmaking collegiate past and a sign of things to come. Mathieu was considered a risky draft pick by many, but he’s been one of the best defensive rookies in the entire league in the first eight games of 2013.Toughest First Half Cardinal – Calais Campbell and Rashad Johnson – Near the end of the Cardinals’ loss to San Francisco on October 13, Campbell was completely motionless. The 6-foot-8 defensive end was injured while making a tackle and had to be immobilized and carted off the field. He underwent neurological testing at Stanford Hospital overnight, but checked out OK. Not only did Campbell play four days later in a Thursday night tilt against Seattle, he excelled, leading the team with eight total tackles and stuffing a fourth-down run by Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson. But for the toughness and perseverance Campbell displayed, he’s got to share the award with Johnson, who lost part of the middle finger on his left hand while making a special teams tackle against New Orleans. Yes, he missed two games following surgery, but again, HE LOST PART OF HIS FINGER! There are a lot fewer doubters now. Bowles’ defense has bent but not broken. The Cardinals are 19th in the NFL in yards allowed, but only 13th in points allowed. And while they have been victimized by opposing tight ends, the Big Red ‘D’ has been one of the toughest against the run in ’13, allowing only 88.3 yards per game. Arizona has also forced 19 turnovers in eight games — the second-most in the NFC.Special Teams: B- The kicking game is in good hands (or feet, rather) with kicker Jay Feely and punter Dave Zastudil. After having his job threatened by free agent Dan Carpenter in training camp, Feely has responded well, hitting 14-of-15 field goal attempts, with his only miss coming from 50 yards on the last play of the first half in the season opener against the Rams. Zastudil has planted over 47 percent of his punts inside the opponent’s 20-yard line this season and is averaging 45.1 yards per attempt.The only Cardinals’ special teams problems have come in the return game. Kickoff returner Javier Arenas has hurt field position on a handful of occasions by attempting a return from deep in Arizona’s end zone. Arenas is currently averaging 23.1 yards per return. Patrick Peterson ranks 25th out of 26 qualified NFL punt returners, averaging just 4.6 yards per return. Like Arenas, he has made some questionable decisions in fielding the ball and judging position. Last Sunday against Atlanta, Peterson fielded the ball and lost seven yards on the return. It appears the third-year pro is pressing at times, trying to recapture the magic of his rookie season when he took four punt returns back for touchdowns. He’s currently riding a 29-game streak without a punt return score. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo GradesOffense: C- Head coach Bruce Arians came to Arizona with the reputation of being an offensive genius who loved “chunk plays.” Very few are questioning Arians’ credentials, but the chunk plays have been few and far between due to a number of factors. The Cardinals are tied for 15th in the league with 21 running plays of more than 10 yards and are tied for last in the NFL with just seven passing plays of 25 yards or more. The failure is to be shared. I’ve already mentioned Palmer’s interception struggles, but he’s been under a good deal of pressure much of the season due to shaky offensive line play. Cardinals receivers making mental errors and not putting themselves in good position to make catches has been a frequent refrain of the season’s first half. Arizona’s running game ranks 20th in the league.There have been signs of improvement, but ultimately the transition to Arians’ system has taken too long for anyone’s liking.Defense: B The fear about the Cardinals’ defense was that its success was tied to the guidance of former defensive coordinator Ray Horton, who was passed up for the head coaching jobs and took his scheme to Cleveland. Todd Bowles took over for Horton after a rough half-season in Philadelphia in 2012, and many had their doubts. Arizona has been excellent in kickoff return coverage, allowing just 20 yards per and has been decent in punt return coverage as well.Questions for Second Half• How much more will Andre Ellington’s workload increase? Probably not much more, honestly. Ellington is slightly-built and Arians sees him as a 35-snap player on offense. The rookie from Clemson is the team’s leading rusher through eight games despite having 49 less carries than Rashard Mendenhall. The coaching staff wants to preserve him and limit the physical punishment he takes, so the workload should remain about the same barring a rash of injuries at the RB position.• Will we ever see Ryan Williams play?I hate to say it, but who knows? Williams made the team by the skin of his teeth in training camp, but has yet to suit up on a Sunday. I asked Coach Arians how close Williams was to playing against Atlanta — a game Mendenhall missed due to injury. Arians said he was “real close,” but added again that Williams doesn’t provide anything on special teams for the Cardinals. Neither does Mendenhall, which led to my thinking that Williams could have just stepped in and played for the veteran without affecting special teams personnel. The bye week in the National Football League.It’s a necessity for coaches and players — a chance for them to recharge their batteries and prepare for the upcoming rigors the league presents.But for fans (and fantasy football players), it’s terrible. A week without football can be like a week without air. That’s the situation fans of the Arizona Cardinals find themselves in this week. The Cards received the ever-convenient Week 9 bye from NFL schedule makers, meaning exactly half of their regular-season schedule remains. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and sellingcenter_img Arizona is very much in the thick of things in the NFC playoff picture at 4-4.And since there’s no Cardinals game to preview this week, I thought I’d take the opportunity to look back on the first half of the 2013 campaign — the good and the bad.AwardsFirst Half MVP – Karlos Dansby, LB – I wanted to go with Calais Campbell, who has been outstanding, but Dansby has been better. Signed in May seemingly as an insurance policy during Daryl Washington’s four-game drug-related suspension, Dansby has been so much more than that. He leads the team in tackles with 71, is second with three sacks and has defended 10 passes — good for second in the NFC. And since Washington’s return, Dansby’s been even better.Honorable Mention: DE Calais Campbell, LB Daryl Washington, DB Tyrann MathieuFirst Half Disappointment – Carson Palmer, QB – There were a few options here, but it’s hard not to bestow the dubious honor on Palmer, who has thrown at least one interception in every game this season. His 14 interceptions rank second only to Eli Manning’s 15. While a good number of the interceptions haven’t been Palmer’s fault, he needs to be a lot better in the remaining eight games for the Cardinals to accomplish their offensive goals.Dishonorable Mention: RB Rashard Mendenhall, TE Rob Housler, T Eric Winston Top Stories 0 Comments   Share   After not suiting up Sunday against the Falcons, I thought Williams would have been a trade candidate for a team looking for RB help, but the deadline came and went and the former Virginia Tech star is still in Arizona.• What’s up with Larry Fitzgerald?It seems unnatural to believe that Fitz is no longer among the elite receivers in the league despite the stats illustrating that fact. I tend to believe that Fitzgerald’s hamstring injury was far worse than anyone let on, and that he gutted it out and played on Sundays regardless. For Fitzgerald, the bye week came at a great time, and I fully expect to see a rejuvenated No. 11 in the last eight games for the Cardinals.• Is this team really a playoff contender?The answer is ‘yes’ because the possibility of a nine-win season remains. After the bye, the Cardinals get Houston in Glendale and then a trip to (probably still winless) Jacksonville. Those are two infinitely winnable football games. Pencil in a loss to Indianapolis and a win over wretched Philadelphia, and that would put the Cards at 7-5 with four games left. I would expect the Cardinals to beat St. Louis at University of Phoenix Stadium on December 8 and I expect them to lose to Seattle and San Francisco in the season’s last two weeks. Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires That leaves one very important swing game — December 15 at Tennessees. If the Cardinals can beat the Titans, that would (at least according to my twisted projections) give them nine wins and a realistic shot at an NFC Wild Card. The cause is helped by Arizona holding tiebreakers over Detroit and Carolina.last_img read more

Representatives host March office hours in Fenton

first_imgState Reps. Joseph Graves and Hank Vaupel invite residents to join them for a joint March office hours gathering in Fenton.Rep. Graves, R-Argentine Township, and Rep. Vaupel, R-Fowlerville, will meet with people who have questions or ideas about state and local government on Monday, March 23, at Biggby Coffee, 235 N. Leroy St., Suite A, in Fenton, from 11: 30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.“I always look forward to the time I can spend meeting with citizens in the district,” said Rep. Graves. “I value the input I receive from these important gatherings and hope people will come out and let us know what is on their minds.”Rep. Vaupel said the feedback he receives helps him be a stronger voice for communities in the 47th House District.“I find the information I hear from residents of our communities to be vital in the way I represent them at the Capitol,” Rep. Vaupel said. “Meeting with the people I serve and hearing what they have to say is one of the most enjoyable aspects of this job.”No reservations are necessary. Those unable to attend may contact Rep. Graves by calling 866-989-5151 or via email at JosephGraves@house.mi.gov. Rep. Vaupel may be reached at 517-373-8835 or via email at HankVaupel@house.mi.gov.##### Categories: Graves News,News,Vaupel News 03Mar Representatives host March office hours in Fentoncenter_img Reps. Graves, Vaupel invite residents to meetinglast_img read more

ABLE legislation passes in Michigan House

first_img Categories: News 27May ABLE legislation passes in Michigan House Forlini bills brighten futures; encourage financial independence for disabledThe Michigan House today approved legislation to create the Michigan Achieving a Better Life Experience program as well as provide more financial opportunities for people with disabilities.State Rep. Anthony Forlini from Harrison Township, a certified financial planner by trade and author of the Michigan ABLE Act, said the legislation will help people with disabilities and their families.“These families face struggles that most of us cannot imagine; this program not only allows families to save for their loved ones but these accounts incentivize long-term savings and financial stability for those who need it most.”The Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act, signed into law at the federal level late last year, gives states the ability to establish ABLE Accounts for those with a disability occurring prior to 26 years of age. These tax-exempt savings accounts can be used for maintaining health, independence and quality of life for those with disabilities without taking away certain essential benefits such as Medicaid.Rep. Forlini said it was always frustrating to know in his practice that without an expensive special needs trust, parents couldn’t put money away for their child, because if they did, the government would stop benefits.“The cost of living with a disability can be extremely expensive,” Rep. Forlini said. “Education, health care, and a variety of therapies are all costly, and the price continues to rise. That’s why it is important that we help families manage those costs effectively.”Along with establishing the Michigan ABLE Act, this bill package also amends the Michigan Education Savings Program (MESP).Right now Michigan ranks one of the lowest in the country in terms of the amount of money you can put into a 529 account with a maximum balance of $235,000, Rep. Forlini said.  This bill will bring the maximum to $500,000, making Michigan one of the highest in the country.“This legislation makes Michigan a pioneer on this topic and can help set the standard for the rest of the country on how these accounts should be run,” Rep. Forlini said. “Michigan values education, and Michigan values those who are least able to help themselves.”House Bills 4541-4544 now move to the Senate for consideration.last_img read more

Rep Barrett resolution honors Army parachute jumpers

first_img Categories: Barrett News 19Aug Rep. Barrett resolution honors Army parachute jumpers Rep. Tom Barrett today introduced House Resolution 126 to recognize the 75th anniversary of the first official Army parachute jump on August 16, 1940.Rep. Barrett’s resolution named Aug. 16 as National Airborne Day in Michigan to commemorate the innovative concept of inserting United State combat forces behind battle lines by means of a parachute and the servicemen and women trained to accomplish the feat.Rep. Barrett, who serves as a helicopter pilot in the Michigan Army National Guard, said it’s important that the special day honors some of the nation’s most courageous veterans.“These people have risked not only their lives for the sake of our country, but have done so in a way that puts them at an increased level of danger by leaving a moving aircraft,” said Rep. Barrett, R-Potterville. “It is a privilege to pay tribute to these fearless heroes throughout our state.”HR 126 has been formally adopted by the Michigan House of Representatives.####last_img read more

Rep Victory invites local business owner to State of the State

first_img Categories: Featured news,News,Photos,Victory News,Victory Photos Tags: guest, Rep. Victory, State of the State 19Jan Rep. Victory invites local business owner to State of the State Rep. Roger Victory, left, attended the 2016 State of the State address on Jan. 19 with guest Luke Meerman, right.Meerman resides in Coopersville, MI and is a local business owner and operator on his family farm, Grassfields Cheese. “I am very honored to welcome Mr. Meerman to such an important event,” said Rep. Victory, R-Hudsonville. “He is an accomplished business owner who has done great things in our district.” #####last_img read more

Real Solutions Real Results

first_img Categories: Blog Features,Featured news,News 29Sep Real Solutions; Real Results Tags: #SB center_img House Republicans this fall continued to make progress on their Action Plan for the 2015-16 legislative session.At the beginning of session, GOP lawmakers created an online list of policy proposals to help make state government more efficient, effective and accountable.The 2015-16 House Republican Action Plan includes a record 78 specific goals to move Michigan forward using real solutions for real results. As of today, 99 percent of the items are moving forward. We have introduced 95 percent of those items in the House, with 76 percent approved by our chamber.Along with our Action Plan items, the House approved a bipartisan plan to make state government even more transparent and accountable to the people. The plan allows Michigan residents to request and receive important documents from the governor’s office and state lawmakers. Both the executive office and state Legislature are currently exempt from Freedom of Information Act requests. The reform plan allows residents to obtain these hidden records and correspondences.Increasing public access to our executive and legislative branches has been a priority for lawmakers like Reps. John Bizon of Battle Creek, Jason Sheppard of Temperance and Tom Barrett of Potterville.Everyone is invited to review other strides we’ve made for the people of Michigan by reading our updated Action Plan status report here, or the entire 2015-16 Action Plan here.last_img read more

Rep VanderWall kicks off March is Reading Month in area classrooms

first_img State Rep. Curt VanderWall of Ludington will kick off March is Reading Month this week and is looking forward to reading “Harry the Dirty Dog,” by Gene Zion, at area elementary schools to help celebrate with students.  Rep. VanderWall starts the district-wide tour on March 3 in Manistee, reading at Jefferson Elementary School and then visits Kaleva Norman Dickson Elementary School in Brethren.  “As a dad, I always enjoyed reading Harry and many other books to my three children and I am excited to share that enthusiasm with our local school children,” VanderWall said. “I hope that this experience will help foster a love of books that stays with these students throughout their lives.”  March is Reading Month is a national event designed to recognize the importance of reading in children’s future success and to encourage their social and intellectual development.  The special nature of the events puts a renewed focus on reading and reinforces how important it is for students.  Early reading proficiency is shown to be a core element for successful educational pursuits in children.“Whether it’s reading an extra story to a young child before bed or encouraging your older kids to read more on their own, this is a skill they will use every day of their lives,” said VanderWall.  “I hope families will join me in making reading a focus during March and throughout the year.” There are over 30 elementary schools across the four counties of Benzie, Leelanau, Manistee and Mason Counties.Elementary schools that are interested in having Rep. VanderWall visit their school should contact the office at (517) 373-0825 or CurtVanderWall@house.mi.gov to schedule a time. 03Mar Rep. VanderWall kicks off March is Reading Month in area classrooms Categories: VanderWall Newslast_img read more

Polish cable operator Cyfra Plus will add 10 HD ch

first_imgPolish cable operator Cyfra Plus will add 10 HD channels to its line-up in the next few weeks.On October 28, Canal Plus Gol HD, Canal Plus Weekend HD and TVN HD will join the platform, followed by TVN7 HD on November 4. Six more channels – ale kino plus HD, Planete Plus HD, MiniMini Plus HD, teleTOON Plus HD/Hyper Plus HD, Kuchnia Plus HD and Domo Plus HD – will be added on November 11, taking the total number of HD channels available to 30.last_img

Broadcast and media software company ScheduALL is

first_imgBroadcast and media software company ScheduALL is developing a new user interface for its Enterprise Resource Management software for media and broadcast companies that it says will be more interactive, customisable and platform-agnostic.A user can access the same features and functionalities as he moves from a computer to a tablet or smartphone in the field. ScheduALL will unveil this new user experience at IBC.According to the company, two people can customise their interfaces by adding widgets, resizing windows or by having multiple views of the work in real-time. Additionally, the user can manage multiple projects and assets at once, no longer limited to scheduling one asset at a time, ScheduALL said.ScheduALL will be exhibiting at IBC on Stand 1.D30last_img read more

Turk Telecom has renewed a contract with interacti

first_imgTurk Telecom has renewed a contract with interactive TV specialist SeaChange for its Pulse Remote Managed Services and On Site Managed Services for monitoring the telco’s back office and multiscreen video services.Turk Telekom’s service management director Naci Ishakbeyoglu said, “We are fortunate to have SeaChange manage the day-to-day monitoring and reporting of our video services. The SeaChange team has been extremely easy to work with, defining the operational processes they would then manage and following through with expert monitoring and reporting around the clock every day of the year.  It gives us great peace of mind to know we have video experts managing our overall system, which is critical to the success of our IPTV service.”last_img read more

UK pay TV operator BSkyB will launch its addressab

first_imgUK pay TV operator BSkyB will launch its addressable advertising service AdSmart next summer, offering advertisers around 90 different attributes to target viewers.Sky AdSmart will launch in seven million homes on Sky’s wholly owned channels, offering various segmentation options, including age, region, financial outlook and affluence. Speaking at the Future TV Advertising Forum in London yesterday, Jamie West, director of AdSmart and commercial development, Sky Media, said AdSmart, which is based on NDS Dynamic technology, would essentially turn nine million Sky Plus DVRs into individual servers. “With AdSmart, we will have millions of ad servers. At launch next summer we will have in excess of seven million households enabled across nine million boxes,” he said.Sky has created a viewing panel of more than 500,000 Sky TV homes across the UK, which provides information about 30 million ‘viewing events’ each day by dialling back viewing info through a connected phone line. This information can be used to provide insight into viewer behaviour and preferences.Sky has already begun in-house testing of AdSmart and is rolling the service out to some Sky employee homes. From next summer, the operator will begin end-to-end testing involving agencies and advertisers. West said from summer 2014 it will offer “true flexible” targeting.“Our vision is to extend the targeting across all platforms that Sky is on,” he added. “In terms of taking it onto other platforms, it is unlikely we will do that in the UK but we do envisage a world where AdSmart will be available to the commercial partners we work with today, such as ITV.”last_img read more

UK pay TV broadcaster BSkyB will start covering Fo

first_imgUK pay TV broadcaster BSkyB will start covering Formula 1 in 3D later this month, marking the first time the motor racing series has been seen in 3D.Sky has launched an F1 channel, Sky Sports F1, after securing rights to the motor racing series.It said today that it will cover the upcoming testing session at the Circuit de Catalunya in 3D.The action will be simulcast on Sky Sports F1 in 2D.Sky Sports executive producer of Sky Sports F1 Martin Turner said: “This is groundbreaking. It’s uncharted territory, but this is a big opportunity to experiment and innovate, and we’re grateful to Formula One Management for working with us on this.”last_img read more

Canadian cable company Rogers is preparing to laun

first_imgCanadian cable company Rogers is preparing to launch its own streaming service, according to local reports.The MSO has previously said it is looking at opportunities to launch a video streaming service and has a C$100 million (€67.35 million) war chest for content acquisitions for the soon-to-launch platform.The reports originated on online news service Carrt.ca before being picked up by mainstream press in Canada.Should the launch proceed it will be seen as an attempt by the cable company to tackle the threat of cord cutting head-on by providing its own alternative to streaming services such as Netflix, and mitigate the effects of people churning traditional pay TV.Rogers has not officially commented on the news reports.last_img read more

Romanian broadcaster Intact Media Group which ope

first_imgRomanian broadcaster Intact Media Group, which operates the country’s Antena channels, grew its audience significantly in the first 10 months of the year, recording a 10% rise over the whole day and a 9% rise in appreciation in primetime, according to audience measurement agency Kantar Media.Flagship channel Antena 1 took a 14.8% whole-day share, up 3% year-on-year.Celebrity and talk show channel Antena Stars meanwhile saw the biggest audience growth of Romania channels over the same period, up 73% over the whole day. Female-skewed Euforia TV saw a 9% rise, while news channel Antena 3 was up 32%.Over the first 10 months, Intact Media Group’s TV channels were watched for at least one minute by 10,341,000 Romanians, the company said, citing Kantar’s figures.last_img read more