nert thinking hinder part of Shanghai dragon skills station

good thinking is half of our optimization success, facing the optimization theory gradually was familiar with the public today, the personnel engaged in network optimization more and more cheap labor cost, so many webmaster at the grass root level. The webmaster how to get their wages must first have their own talent shows itself, the characteristics of the network optimization, especially in technology are very common today are unique to > optimization skills

love Shanghai constant force in the search engine of reform, the Qihoo 360 turned out to Sogou, are harbingers of network optimization indeed ushered in a new change. Especially the growing online shopping market scale, search engine revenue continued to increase, a new search engine will bring more challenges to the webmaster. Some seemingly very diligent webmaster, finished in the graduation work every day, the Shanghai dragon is very thirst for new knowledge, the use of business time every day to go to the forum, browsing station network, in order to explore new knowledge. But they ignore a basic way, reference method, technology can learn, but the real Shanghai dragon skills are need to sum up their constant practice. Others seem wonderful analysis and summary, but also to expand our knowledge of network optimization, but the real people dry cargo that the more you can not really understand. read more

The new line January put the target keywords push on the front page

There is a list of

makes me very tangled, very surprised today, is a gaming network, this is no tangled promotion, resulting in betting types of sites are competitive in nature, love Shanghai search or gambling gaming network, the index is not high, a 700, a 300, but you will find each this website is two words and the home page, it is difficult to doping other sites, even the love of Shanghai, know, Wikipedia library can not see, has been extended to 70 pages, is the home page, this is terrible, a very high degree of competition. read more

How to use the flow into the real sales

in the specific operation, the pursuit of precision flow, improve the quality of website visitors, and web design from the inside of all great efforts, efforts to carefully design, after the customer flow potential attracted, let them through this site have the desire to buy, and to facilitate sales reached. Specifically, we mainly do the following aspects:

, how to obtain the accurate flow

2. for network promotion: in the network promotion, we have not taken with mass strategy, we believe that this approach seems not to choose efficient, but in the rate of return are often difficult to achieve high efficiency. Note, focus on our attention is the strategy, so we focus on screening before the promotion of compliance with some target customer groups forum, such as the needs of the parents more Forum on education, and then keep account of the way gradually in the forum based, with a general membership form progressive recommended marketing, increase the high quality customer promotion efforts, this approach seems slow, but very high conversion rate. read more

Winning website construction and optimization of offensive and defensive side stability

website construction and optimization of how stability? Generally understood as "stable operations", "maintaining stability, promote inclusion site stability". However, good stability can be controlled directly to itself, so how to see some hidden trouble to steady down? For example, the site was attacked, leaked data. I believe the way in the construction site, a little visibility of the site may be the black hats are not swept several times, even hundreds of times. Popular online "stop program with a database, but some sources of grey. The attack was a malicious competitor or getting a good ranking after the peak to server instability, bandwidth, resulting in reduced search engine on the web of trust, cause the ranking decline. In the face of these, therefore, the owners have to decide on what path to follow? Website construction and optimization to achieve the "attack and be Wenzhongqiusheng to avenue. read more

On the website of Shanghai Longfeng grassroots webmaster should be how to perform

2, Sina blog, love Shanghai, NetEase, space blog Hexun blog, blog, blog name with the keyword or enterprise is appropriate, can bring to the URL of the website included the comparison good blog can be updated daily an article, included for slow can be updated once every 3 days, with the blog article URL and keyword anchor points to the website.


Optimization of

for a newly started Shanghai dragon people, how to planning the site, how to do the site foundation is the key to optimize the website, what work needs to be done, how to perform, today Xiaobian to tell you. read more

The website is six K

1, the website included rate reduced by


many people have to prevent the site is k, but not quite understand what optimization method will cause the site was K. In this article I will experience to optimize the lottery website program introduced by the reason of K website.

The content of

is a new lottery website program site, website appears sometimes have sometimes not, such instability although it is normal, but if you want a long time of the lottery website program 贵族宝贝yikuyun贵族宝贝/ site similar case is not normal, because his collected is stable. At this time the webmaster should pay attention to, look at your usual work methods and the use of skills is not a problem, timely remedy can solve the problems. read more

How to modify and write the title of the website Reasonable writing site title to subvert the tradit

before we talk about how to write the title, the type we first talk about the title in Shanghai dragon’s point of view, the title is divided into the page title, column page title and details page title. Here I will no longer believe that these basic concepts is what we have been very clear.

In fact, the Here we talk about

site title, is on our website for a highly generalization, is used to tell visitors to your site is what to do, what can be provided for visitors. Shanghai Longfeng friends all know that the site title is a very important content in the process of optimizing Shanghai dragon. So how to modify and write the site title? Today, Xiaobian and share their views, and we talk how to write a can meet the needs of users, and can meet the demand of the search engine website title. read more

How to add the DMOZ directory to get Google high weight

5, not just a list of keywords

First we look at the

description should be your company or organization to provide products and services of

3, the classification of the editor to retain your login category and content of the right to modify the transfer log

9, please use

, a title and description must be concise

12, do not submit a list of keywords

2, submitted for non normal use of the website

may sometimes need to wait too anxious edit email, have very important skills, such as your address is QQ贵族宝贝, then you should use the Admin@qq贵族宝贝 mailbox to edit email > read more

How to optimize the B2C mall site type

In addition to

(two) to optimize the content title.

for the mall site, the content in the picture is indispensable. We all know that we are usually in the form of graphic to show the products, so that users can more clearly understand, but in the face of these images, we must avoid the optimization of keywords, also is we often say that the ALT attribute add keywords. Because the picture spider is unable to obtain information by ALT only learned, so I suggest you for the key words, it is best to use the normal HTML code, easy to use images to display. read more

Lu Guofu Wuhan Shanghai dragon blog weight drop analysis

Just A

we all know that the chain has a very important role is to attract the spider web access. My blog is very normal in the 51 before May Day because some things happened, so I have almost a week no sustained increase in the chain, (the one week did not do the chain), and my chain is a large part of the soft contribute to bring, but at that time, the chain in this area is blank, that is to say the chain of my blog was interrupted for more than a week time. Many people say that the website of the chain continued to increase, but I don’t have to, I think this is also a factor. read more

How do put a dead station a month do love Shanghai home

< >

you the webmaster, hello. I believe we are very concerned about a problem is how to put a dead stop by less than a month’s time to optimize the home page. I do Shanghai, although the time is not long, but not a short time, perhaps not as experienced as you, but now I share is combat, we hope that the twins can guide, then we get to the point. I remember when I apply for a business last year, their website is a static website. At that time the site there are many many problems: first, the website keyword positioning (title, description, keywords there is a big problem, and the keywords stack). Second, there is a dead link site in N. Third, the site code and did not use the super chaotic code there (with rape user code). Fourth, do not the chain a little before construction, now do the update of the original and the chain. There are a lot of problems I will not enumerate, because not immediately change, because the revision takes a long time. So many questions what should we do? That is how I do read more

Google ranking algorithm to adjust the advertising too much will affect the ranking

two, the middle of the page to minimize the use of pictures, and write the ALT label.

February 7th

news, Google algorithm of the new adjustment, the main performance is: the first screen advertising content is too much, too little correlation between page ranking will drop, reduce weight. Google Chinese webmaster blog post said "some users complained, click on the search results after it is difficult to find the actual web content, they feel very unhappy. Users want to click on can directly see the content, rather than constantly scroll down, take out one by one in advertising, this shows that the search engine to the user experience has been trying to control the use of algorithms, the first consideration is the website advertising. read more

How many know the website long tail keywords selection techniques you

A method of

keyword through the video website keyword

Taobao keyword how many friends have used? In fact, Taobao, there are a lot of necessary Amoy friends who do web site keyword sets, as shown above, if you want to do a summer dress website, so above all types of skirts are the focus and you need to consider. Not only that, should also be in the keyword nested into below the material, style, and so on all kinds of accessories, so that a title keyword as much as possible to meet the maximum search conditions. read more

Taught you how to do site optimization scheme the preparatory work before the case

3, customer attitude to network marketing: attitude decides a lot, if the customer and investment, and to set up the team, but also the cognitive of network marketing, but the effect is very anxious, then we will have different treatment, to optimize the scheme quality from the website, network marketing program implementation efforts to only in this way, we can ensure the project smoothly, also only in this way can we reach our commitment to customers. The promise is a Shanghai dragon is also a business, more is the basis for the existence of a team. read more

Rapid promotion website of Shanghai Longfeng health three sites within the chain of health

search engine and the user is to experience your website neural network users, search engines more quickly, if your neural networks is more reasonable, he will be able to better and faster on your back and forth these nerves constantly crawling the web pages, web content, and then rapidly according to the content of high quality for you evaluation, the weight will also continue to accumulate promotion. The user is not the same, he pays more attention to the user experience, the neural network can quickly help you if he found what he wanted or product information, so he will think you this site is very useful, if you can last for him to provide useful information related to, then he will linger in your website, wait this user is much, you will find the perfect information of their neural network constructed before how awesome. read more

Regression analysis of the small Shanghai dragon look at Robin’s Shanghai dragon training web site

two screenshots have confirmed this blog before the memory of love Shanghai outside the chain of tools can also let the chain fully exposed, but also explains so far, the chain is still valid, still in the transfer of weight for this domain, long before we’ve had some blog. After some practice may be turned off, or website maintenance does not go, or website not popular, or not to insist on these rankings, however, the chain you have done is still in the domain name value, also is the spider again trying to enter the domain name, and then re open when the domain name after in contrast, analytical, jubilant our heroes, spider like hunger, the weight of these all all get lost, the domain name weight is the point, used to do Is a little too, if you can, I hope this website can maintain the stability of it, but now the situation is already the significance of the analysis, you say, not read more

Shanghai dragon Er how to do site navigation optimization

The long tail word

6. sub navigation settings, set the sub navigation for site optimization, especially for some large sites, sub navigation settings reduce the number of site level, is conducive to the website.

4. search volume keywords location decision, anchor text navigation set keywords are valuable to, from left to right, the importance of decreasing trend set, in addition to avoid some with no effect of columns, such as company introduction, company news, etc..

to achieve the overall site optimization, web site navigation is also included. The Shanghai dragon Er site navigation optimization read more

Shanghai love chain after the judgment of Shanghai Longfeng toward large planning times

site optimization is to do what? I believe there is a group of industry veteran Shanghai dragon Er will be smiling without a word, there will be a leap in Shanghai Longfeng intermediate stage people began to talk, and a group of Shanghai dragon rookie doesn’t know what is in the station optimization. I interviewed Shanghai Longfeng positions are nearly 50, contact with a lot of different Shanghai dragon head. Some people ask the question is: will you do the chain? You have the chain resources? There are also some people ask the question: do you know how to do URL optimization? How do the chain layout? Is that simple contrast can be seen in charge of the ability of different high low. read more

Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis material picture website diagnosis summary recommendations


website is a gallery, first use the tools to check the information about the site, included 1920, trans 1850, 2-6 snapshot, site time in August 11, it looks good, the snapshot, it should be very good exchange chain. See the main keywords ranking, basically no ranking, the lowest index 600, the highest more than 4000, ranking is not easy to do.

general information in this way, my suggestions are as follows:

1, remove the junk chain, to add a picture or material website every day the best friends of the chain, and included PR high, snapshot slow a little matter, let them give you drive the weight, you give them with. read more

Shanghai dragon about website operation success need to pay attention to the selection of virtual ho

Effect of

on Shanghai Longfeng web site operators must have a lot of people are very understanding, but the virtual host of Shanghai Longfeng people may not know optimization. If Shanghai Longfeng relating to the site operation success or failure, the quality of the virtual host is directly related to the effect of optimization of Shanghai dragon. Select the virtual host, not only look at the price, to see whether they contribute to the optimization of the website of Shanghai dragon. Here, the author summarizes three kinds of website optimization to Shanghai dragon host for your reference. read more