Which industries to invest in the fastest

food and beverage industry expert analysis, at this stage to do the most profitable food potential of the project, it is undoubtedly a breakfast shop, casual drinks shop and Chinese style snack bar. Breakfast shop and leisure liquor stores have the low Fung, the advantages of quick recovery, the average investment cost -10 million in 20 thousand, the average net profit of 25%-35%, the general 6-9 months to recover the investment, so many entrepreneurs should be considered first choice.

convenience store serviceWith the steady development of read more

Good leeco buns need how many money – join

steamed stuffed bun is a low-cost investment, but the investment is very high investment in small projects, operators start fast, but the market demand is not seasonal. Is a worthwhile investment direction.

good guest steamed stuffed bun on the basis of the traditional techniques of making steamed stuffed bun, do not forget to bring forth new ideas, creating a variety of flavors of new varieties of steamed stuffed bun. Good leeco bun with a big bag of fresh meat, vegetables, soup dumplings, letinous edodes bag bag, Pan-Fried Baozi Stuffed with Pork, plum dried vegetables Hangzhou dumplings, Shanghai dumplings, wonton and other 8 kinds of products. Good guest steamed stuffed bun for you to provide a healthy and nutritious meal feast. read more

Under the economic downturn snack industry is more worthy of investment

now when it comes to business, many people may be a loss, now business environment is not good, every day there are countless shops to collapse, businesses in this background, it is no advantage. But in fact, as long as we choose the right, even if the economic downturn, the same can also have a successful entrepreneurial choice, that is to enter the snack industry.

in 2016, facing the financial crisis, the domestic coal industry is blue, too late to react to collapse, steel, real estate, financial crisis facing the hitherto unknown, drinks, large hotels, large restaurant is also struggling in suffering, I do not know the future situation, ran before; the original food, clothing, shelter, for, with the growing recession, the original prosperous street, quietly disappeared in the personnel is slowly reduced, store. read more

Small tally also has a university asked

When it comes to

, many people think this is a very simple thing, but it is also a very learned thing. Friends to help me sort out the goods, I said: "no, you will not." "What will not be, is not the pendulum goods." He is not convinced that. I told her not to look down on the goods, there are many things inside.

: a commodity not only to put on the shelf on the line, we must first to classify it, children and the elderly goods can not be dirty in height, fragile goods should be put in is not easy to touch the place; seasonal goods in a conspicuous position easily; the same type of goods together. And for customers to buy small commodities; on nearby, reduce the probability of theft. read more

Top ten brands of bed

bed can be said that the Chinese family can not be a lack of furniture, perhaps because of the vast market, the number of brands will be on the market is getting bigger and bigger. Of course, despite the huge number of brands, but naturally in the market also has a higher degree of popularity of big brands, the following, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten brands of bed!

bed of the top ten brands of all friends furniture

quanu furniture is Chengdu quanu Furniture Co. Ltd. under the brand name brand, founded in 1986, in Chinese furniture industry, quanu furniture has a very high reputation, the products through China environmental product certification mark, is now in the long Chinese Chi Chinese trademark, famous brands, ten brands in 2012 Chinese furniture ranked third. read more

A penny reading club through reputation

in this one everyone business is to make money in, but still have a part of people, entrepreneurship is not only for profit, perhaps because of a kind of enjoyment, perhaps because the concept of a service, which has brought more new business ideas. For example, the hero of this article Zuo Guodong opened a penny reading club!

scholarly butterfly. The man left the "penny reading club" in a remote place open city Xilin Yi Shan Street, the store has more than and 60 square meters, every day to visit them in a continuous line, especially the holidays, now has a membership of more than 3 thousand people. A member of the 1 years to pay 33 yuan as long as the euro, can borrow books in reading books; and do a ABC membership card, 1 years to pay 56 yuan, also allows family members to share. read more

nstant Coffee ten brand list – the whole

if you love coffee, we can go to a variety of drinks shop, or a cup of coffee, but this is not convenient for many fans, after all, and the price is often not cheap. Thus, the advent of instant coffee in the market, and because people love, resulting in a large brand of instant coffee market is very much. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of instant coffee list, if there is a demand in this area, you can make a choice based on such a list.

instant coffee ten brands list NO.1, Nestle: read more

ndoor environmental protection to join healthy breathing or environmental experts

      just decoration inside the house there will be some polluting gases, these gases have serious harm to the health of our body, now the development of science and technology more and more quickly, a Shenzhen company has developed a product called "primary titanium" environmentally friendly products.

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Zheng Xiaosong, vice governor of Fujian to attend the construction site of Taiwan youth entrepreneur

in Fujian province and Taiwan as the nearest mainland provinces, attaches great importance to cross-strait exchanges, in the management of activities to promote, Fujian province will establish Taiwan youth entrepreneurship base, launched special services, to solve a number of problems in Taiwan youth entrepreneurship in mainland china.

24, Fujian youth entrepreneurship base construction site meeting held in Xiamen. Vice governor Zheng Xiaosong attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

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The arrival of the era of artificial intelligence in the catering industry

Xiaobian I heard some time ago a new term called AI, which is the meaning of artificial intelligence. The arrival of the era of artificial intelligence has been manifested in all aspects of our lives. The most obvious is the mobile phone, mobile phone has become an indispensable part of our lives. The arrival of the era of artificial intelligence in the restaurant industry is the symbol of the emergence of robot restaurant.

robot, robot, robot, robot…… With the rapid development of science and technology, intelligent, efficient and convenient for the theme of the robot restaurant has been all over the China’s Ji’nan, Harbin City, Changsha etc, become a new star in a new era of rising food and beverage industry. Imagine, when you step into an elegant restaurant, all appear at the moment is the uniform of the robot, from the smiling greeters, to free interactive meal, and then to the friendly and courteous staff room, even the kitchen cooking chef is all robot service, it will be some kind of unbelievable experience read more

‘m very optimistic about the village based fast food

in the catering industry in China said that although the fast food market share is mainly provided by the Chinese fast food brand, but really can do to KFC, McDonald’s world-class food giant project is very few. Although many companies have issued to create "Chinese heroic utterance McDonald’s, KFC, but more Kevin already with business failures and vanished: Red Sorghum planted, A De duck off, Ronghua chicken withdrawal, Chinese fast-food staged a tragedy" fought out next ". read more

The four Hand-Pulled Noodle join advantage

are now aware of the majority of people in this society is to look at the value of Yan, Yan value is I want to know you as long as the premise, which is very close to the point. Cooking is also the case, do you believe it? Can attract consumer spending, first you have to let them be interested in your product, how can we do this, mainly to see the color of the product geometry.

Hand-Pulled Noodle sikkens leader, the Hand-Pulled Noodle strong burst of red market. The Hand-Pulled Noodle? Color flavor and taste delicious, good-looking did not discuss, refresh the traditional Hand-Pulled Noodle "color value", the modern Japanese victory Hand-Pulled Noodle taste, unique characteristics, attracted eight diners sought after. Out of the ordinary new Hand-Pulled Noodle, a new industry standard Hand-Pulled Noodle Tang Dynasty some popular delicious. read more

Shame on junior students can earn millions

Zhengzhou University, Academy of Fine Arts, the school teachers and students are particularly familiar with a junior student, he is Zou Wei. Now has been the president of listed companies, the annual turnover of over a million, it is so that we have entered the community, but people feel ashamed of low wages, let us come close to him, to understand him.

met Zou Wei, wearing a white T-shirt bottoming V grey cardigan wearing a black fluffy scarf, neatly in front of a "Cross Knot", slightly wavy hair, nose on a pair of black glasses, speech and deportment mature, with artist style, like a veteran in the society many entrepreneurs, in fact he was a Zhengzhou University Academy of Fine Arts Junior. read more

How to improve the competitiveness of Chinese food chains

Chinese food to join the chain in order to improve the hard power, from what aspects? For the novice, you can choose from the site, decoration, etc.. Xiao Bian consulted a number of professional advice, hoping to help you find the right business strategy, if you want to learn, you can look at together.

Chinese people have joined the chain site to the foundation, a potential source of the natural area is an ideal choice, but need to learn and master the skills of location are also many, begin to choose the development potential and popular value distribution operators to study lots, lots of people flow, is not a valid source how many people? Not every day, but in these people, your potential customers or " " " effective traffic " how many? In general, operators can rely on data analysis to examine the headquarters. read more

2014 how much is the price of cotton to make a reply

each industry has its own market, pay more attention to the market, will find rich business opportunities. 2014 how much is the price of cotton? There are few friends are very concerned about this problem. The following small series to introduce the 2014 cotton market.

2014 how much is the price of cotton? The latest statistics show that the current market, the cotton price is eight yuan per kilogram on the majority, not more than nine yuan range, there will be some differences in different quality. Of course, different regions of the market will have some differences, up to eight yuan in the range of two or three. read more