Province launched 2015 health education activities

In June 29th, a reporter from the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission was informed that, recently, the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission jointly held the "Provincial Association for science and health education in Qinghai province in three linkage launching ceremony in the East Sea area of Ledu city center square, marking the 2015 annual provincial Health Education Tour event officially launched.

The application of national public emergency warning system in our province

The national public emergency warning information release system in our province has officially put into operation since May 1st of this year, a variety of information to make full use of the system docking sites, mobile phone SMS, electronic display screen, big horn, WeChat, micro-blog released, released at the provincial level early warning information 35, warning information, state 526, implement the emergency early warning information channels covering the whole province comprehensive release system application results.It is reported that the system is

, "" 11th Five-Year "during the national public emergency system construction plan" proposed by one of the ten key projects. "12379" SMS service number is the system of early warning information release special public service number, and mobile, China Unicom, the three major telecom operators data docking, open free SMS publishing channel, undertake emergency warning of meteorological information, health, water, land, transportation and many other aspects of public emergency release, to effectively expand the emergency warning information of all kinds of disaster coverage in our province, but also greatly improve the timeliness of information received.

the flood season this year, many suffered heavy rainfall in our province, in response to the heavy rainfall weather process in Qinghai Province meteorological department by national public emergency warning information release system, city and county three warning information release system, and actively cope with meteorological disasters, and achieved remarkable effect.  
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The Provincial Public Security Bureau Secretary Wang Xiaoyong attended and spoke

February 4th, the province’s Public Security Bureau meeting held in Xining. The meeting summed up the work in 2015, analysis of the current situation, arrangements for the deployment of the province’s public security work in 2016. Provincial Party committee Wang Xiaoyong attended the meeting and delivered a speech, vice governor Han Jianhua attended.

Wang Xiaoyong pointed out that in 2015, the downward pressure on economic stability, the complexity of the situation is grim, prone to disputes, all kinds of potential risks increase, the province’s public security organs at all levels and the general public security police take the initiative to adapt to the new normal economic development and strict new requirements, adhere to focus, overcome difficulties, the real, end, co-ordinate and promote public security reform and the "Three Basics" and "four", the work has achieved remarkable results, provide a strong security guarantee for the province’s economic and social development. read more

Xining East District, the third industry quality grades improved significantly

this year, East District of Xining to enhance the catering, accommodation, entertainment, business and other traditional services, so that the quality and level of the third industry has improved significantly, showing a trend of rapid development, has become a major channel for regional economic growth.

this year, the district implemented a total of 24 investment projects, a total investment of $1 billion 519 million. Dongguan, Zhou Jiaquan, Islamic lane, 71 Road area comprehensive development and transformation, to build a comprehensive business district as the axis of the basic layout of the business planning. According to the four kilometer reconstruction plan, to train station comprehensive renovation project as an opportunity to build a modern integrated transport hub and a new landmark of Xining as the "engine", and comprehensively promote the New Millennium International Plaza, mangrove Plaza commercial complex project, Xining eastern region driven area has become the core business district. read more

The provincial government issued the opinions to strengthen the work of intellectual property rights

to further implement the "State Council on accelerating the construction of intellectual property rights under the new situation of a number of opinions", give full play to the role of intellectual property rights in the protection of innovation and innovation. The provincial government recently issued the opinions on strengthening the work of intellectual property rights.

"opinion" clearly the overall requirements of the province to strengthen intellectual property work in the new period, the new situation and task, put forward to 2020, the amount of patent application, patent authorization, 000 people in possession of a valid patent in 2014 more than doubled. At the same time, from 2017 onwards, in the city of Xining, Haidong City, Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and Xining economic and Technological Development Zone, the Qaidam circular economy pilot area, Haidong Industrial Park Management Committee of Party leadership and cadres of the annual target assessment. read more

The theme of green carving let summer is amorous feelings

magnificent green ecological landscape sketch, flowers in full bloom, the beautiful summer, Xining impression as the theme of the design of large mosaiculture…… The summer of Xining, green Boulevard, a lot of different forms of gardening style and riotous with colour summer flowers and their distribution in East Street, victory road, Xinning Road, Jianguo Road and other main roads, so that residents and visitors feel the summer special charms of Xining.


this year, the garden department at all levels, combined with the city main road landscape nodes in the central square, kylin Wan Plaza, beimenpo green at the creation of more than 30 Mosaiculture, which is located in the center of the square "spirit song" large Mosaiculture modelling beautiful atmosphere; making the "old city area attractions, impression wheel the red flag and elegant chic; East District of the creation of" harmonious Xining "spots, with elephants, butterflies and other animal shapes, more novel and unique conception; people’s park landscape, Pipa Jianguo Road basket shape and artistic characteristics of both scenery; especially the west area in the western part of the provincial Party school and Kunlun Avenue by solid walls first produced seamless plant landscape wall, enhance the grade of the street. read more

The provincial capital of 100% new residential property

The reporter learned from the Xining City Housing Authority housing security and housing development, "12th Five-Year" at the end, the implementation of Xining city property management area of 53 million 500 thousand square meters, the new residential property management coverage has reached 100%; 669 of the "three no" old Xining city hospital building through community service form to achieve full coverage of property service station and escrow service since the owners’ committee, the old district implemented "service subject, garbage removal, order maintenance, routine maintenance" and "Four Haves".

property has become an indispensable part of our life, home life, the problem for hydropower property environment is not clean, heating is not to find the property to the property…… But five years ago, the property is not so important in our lives.

"now moved to the New District, the property is not the same as before, what the tube, comprehensive services, we are also more convenient." Three years ago Mr. Li Xiqianxinju said.

it is reported that the "12th Five-Year" at the end, approved the establishment of Xining city property service companies over 340, the implementation of property management services property projects over 830, employing more than 15 thousand people. At the same time, the full implementation of the Xining residential property standards activities, property management has increased the level of professionalism.   read more

The sixth round of college students around the perfect ending

after three days of fierce competition, the sixth session of the 2016 round of the Qinghai Lake college students cycling race perfect ending. 113 athletes from the University of the 20 harvest here moved, leaving memories.

yesterday in the third stage of the competition, the whole climbing can be said to bring college students limit challenge, even though almost all of them to finish the game. Chengdu Sport University show strong strength, not only won the championship stage, and with a strong advantage of winning the college Lake Race climbing king; students around the race Tingwu Mo veteran although regret missing the championship stage, but with a good sprint ability, become the tournament’s sprint king contest rookie Shizhong in beam; the last moment of force, narrowly wearing the yellow jersey, becoming the tournament championship". In the group, Chengdu Sport University, Gansu Agricultural University, HASA cycling team, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Jimei University, Qingdao University of Science & Technology and Beihua University, Amway team points out the top six rankings. read more

Xining City, the first introduction of incentives for outstanding research results can be awarded

In November 16th, the city held the first city’s political system theory retreats, study and implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen, to further promote the research work of "quality, achievement", and constantly improve the level of political participation. The reporter learned from the meeting, I first formulated the survey results on incentives, research survey of excellent research achievements will be rewarded.

it is understood that the city center in the correct leadership of the municipal government, work closely around the center and major decisions, deepening the understanding of research work, breakthrough the difficulties the focus of research, research to further improve the working mechanism, and actively to carry out the city’s municipal Party committee recommended major and key research, and task decomposition to municipal leadership and the municipal departments, has been the formation of normative documents of the municipal Party committee and municipal government issued annually and routine work, and actively explore the establishment of long-term mechanism of the major and key research topics, first formulated the measures all awards survey results, coordination of district party policy research institutions set up, strengthen the functions of departments, the municipal Party committee the zhengyanshi authorities implement a bold reform of internal management, the implementation of performance appraisal system, optimization and innovation research work The mechanism, effectively promote the party and government system research work to catch events, the overall planning, when the political system transformation of participation, work ability and service level have been comprehensively strengthen. The participants at the meeting in Xining to promote the rapid development of research work, to complete the well-off society to suggestions for the exchange statement. read more

Xining invested 5 billion 300 million yuan to promote the construction of water ecological civilizat

reporter learned from the Xining municipal government, since 2014, Xining invested 5 billion 320 million yuan to vigorously promote the construction of urban water ecological civilization achieved remarkable results.

in Xining city since 2013 was identified as the national Ministry of water conservancy construction of ecological civilization city pilot city, closely around the "governance strategy, water Ning for the development of the concept of government", give full play to the water ecological civilization city pilot construction of the core role in the creation of a national ecological civilization pilot area in the city, highlighting the plateau landscape geographical features. Actively explore the semi arid plateau water ecosystem construction mode, to adhere to the water ecology of this article. read more

Through the national two sessions Hong Wei do homework conscientiously perform their duties

Two sessions held in the country soon, these days, the new members of the CPPCC National Committee in the auditorium to receive training, the province’s three new members of the division of Dan, Ren Qing Jia, Hong Wei is also among them. According to the arrangement, the new CPPCC National Committee members to participate in two days of training and learning.

at noon on March 1st, the reporter saw a new member of our province in Friendship Hotel Beijing Hong Wei. When he entered his room, he was seriously finishing his proposal – "on the support of the Qinghai Haixi region power grid construction". Hong Wei said he was still thinking, this is a serious matter, we must investigate and study, not something can be written on the Internet can not write things out, but can not answer." read more

The most beautiful selection of new faces

A review of the

changes in Xining City, the inventory of the Xining architectural beauty is hot, the most beautiful evening building contest once again usher in a number of new faces, and a number of participating buildings, real estate will debut, welcome readers to continue to pay attention to, participate in the selection.

Xining mayor Wang Yubo recently on the evening the most beautiful building once again given instructions: activities to achieve the popularity of architectural aesthetic sense, strengthen the consciousness of investors, improve the building design approval system to promote the city building more taste, unique, connotation. In accordance with this requirement, the organizers and the selection committee to strengthen the participation of all participating buildings, the first instance of the real estate inspection, and effectively select the most beautiful building in Xining. Nevertheless, still can not stop the enthusiasm of all sectors of the community participation, since the activities carried out, the participating hotline has been ringing non-stop, even in the new year’s holiday, there are still many people call hotline. The real estate is not want to miss this rare opportunity to show themselves, have to enter the contest, a developer told reporters, sponsored by the municipal government of Xining evening news the most beautiful building contest, is a focus on the "review" of Xining and Qinghai Province in the real estate sector, through this activity can not only make the development of the let the owners know real estate, real estate and quality inspection can also position in the minds of consumers, in order to do better in the future real estate development. read more

Xining City West District to help 12 thousand people have a difficult year

to make the city difficult people can live a happy, stable and peaceful holiday, the west district government has on the object, the urban and rural beneficiaries paid various living subsidies totaling 6 million 700 thousand yuan, more than 12000 people involved in rescue.

January 22nd, reporters from the West District 2014 "two" warmth condolences activities to understand, in the Spring Festival is approaching, in order to help the more difficult for workers, and more care to needy heart, union West District launched the "condolences activities to send warmth and love", the event leading to the West District every one of the difficulties workers issued condolences supplies, and encourage them to establish confidence, cheer up, to overcome difficulties, to get out of trouble, for a better life. It is understood that the West District Federation of trade unions to rescue 330 families of workers, the total amount of sympathy for a total of 330 thousand yuan. read more

The Municipal Public Security Bureau of the successful completion of the eleventh Lake Saian conserv

In July 1st, Eleventh Qinghai Lake international road cycling race in our city stage all over the city’s public security organs at all levels, the successful completion of the security tasks

7 1, Eleventh Qinghai Lake international road cycling race in our city stage all over the city’s public security organs at all levels, the successful completion of the security tasks. In this event, the city’s public security organs in accordance with the unified arrangements of the provincial Party committee and government and superior public security organs, strictly implement the guiding ideology of the leadership of the Council "clear tasks, clear responsibilities, clear situation, clear thinking", ahead of the deployment, active work, well-organized, solid implementation of the security measures to ensure the safety of the race in Xining smoothly. read more

Traffic police out of the police car to break a ticket to rectify violations of military and police

not long ago, the Xining evening news to the police car should not drag the rear leg of the project reported in the case of random violations of the city police car, then, the Municipal Public Security Bureau on the military police put forward four requirements. Recently, however, the public have reflected, police and military traffic violations are still widespread. January 7th, the city traffic police detachment in accordance with the requirements of the municipal government began to rectify the military police cars, police to the police car parked illegally parked tickets. read more

Fire safety committee plenary meeting of the summer and fire inspection work will be held

7 20, the provincial government held a plenary meeting of the fire safety committee of the province and the summer fire inspection work to promote. The meeting made clear the work and responsibilities of the fire safety committee, informed the first half of the province’s fire and summer fire inspection work, the deployment of the next phase of key tasks.

meeting the requirements of all levels of government and industry departments should earnestly work in accordance with the deployment of the provincial government, the area to carry out fire safety risk assessment, analysis of fire safety situation, identify outstanding issues and weak links, the industry department to carry out fire safety supervision responsibilities, the implementation of the fire safety industry standard management, to carry out fire hazard investigation and remediation within the system immediate rectification of the fire hazard shall be found in inspection, to ensure that industry fire safety system. The fire departments at all levels should focus on shopping, hotels, schools, hospitals and public entertainment, tourist attractions and other crowded places and petrochemical and other inflammable and explosive places, find out the base and fire safety conditions, set up accounts, continue to organize forces to conduct a comprehensive investigation, repeated inspection. read more

Huangyuan multi sectoral cooperation to strengthen the food safety supervision of the holiday market

to ensure that the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day period market food safety, Huangyuan county set up a multi sectoral joint inspection unit, to the farmers market, shopping malls, supermarkets, around the campus, near the station, the combination of urban and rural areas as the focus, the consumption of cakes, aquatic products, meat, wine, beverage and other festivals, consumers of live poultry the number of complaints of food inspection, to prevent no certificate, no QS logo and unsolicited food into the market. The focus of the inspection and supervision of various business units to improve and improve the food traceability mechanism, strengthen various safeguards to ensure that the cable card tickets, purchase inspection, purchase ledger and other systems implemented. At the same time, smooth complaints consumer complaints channels, illegal acts to crack down on the "two" during the promotion of fake and shoddy food, expired spoiled food, to further standardize the market order, protect the circulation of food safety. Up to now, a total of 261 kinds of food stores operating a variety of food and beverage business units and farmhouse music 57. read more

Drama liberation! Liberation! October 9th, 10 staged

Before the National Day holiday, the newspaper jointly launched the Qinghai Grand Theatre Huimin activities, the extraction of 200 lucky readers free to watch the revolutionary history of the great drama liberation! Liberation! ". Up to now, the enrollment is full, please apply for the success of the reader at 10 on October 8th, to the Qinghai daily news on the 5 floor of the West Sea city newspaper, with the applicant ID card to receive tickets. Time to take the ticket from 17 to October 9th. read more

n 2015, the overall economic operation of Xining

In 2015, the city of Xining in the face of the grim situation of continued downward pressure on the economy, increase the difficulty of reform and development contradiction growing, the strong leadership of the provincial government, the initiative to adapt to the new economic norm, firmly grasp the initiative, the city’s economy is generally stable, complete the objectives and tasks set at the beginning of the year.

A, to steady growth, economic development to a new level. Municipal Party committee set up a leading group of financial work, and earnestly strengthen the leadership of the party’s economic work. With attention to identify the national and provincial policies and the actual situation of Xining, dependable growth in a more prominent position, the annual GDP of 113 billion 162 million yuan, up 10.9%. The city’s local public budget revenue 9 billion 479 million yuan, an increase of 13%. Per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents was 25232 yuan, respectively, $8865, an increase of 10.2%, respectively, of $8.7%. New urban employment 31 thousand and 400 people, the registered urban unemployment rate was 2.49%. The overall level of consumer prices rose 2.5%. Pay close attention to the development trend of economic development, thousands of cadres into the enterprise service activities, the formulation and implementation of a new round of market development has doubled, in support of industrial steady growth, expanding investment such as the introduction of a series of supporting measures, provide policy guarantee for steady growth. Give full play to the role of fiscal funds leveraging, effectively revitalize the financial stock funds 8 billion 340 million yuan, for a higher level of special grants of $14 billion 610 million, an increase of 24.4%. Loans grew by 23.1%, the scale of social financing reached $80 billion 960 million. Adhere to the expansion of investment, on the project, the city’s fixed asset investment growth of 18%, the annual implementation of more than one billion yuan project, the contribution of investment to economic growth rate of up to 59.2% in. Dig the potential of urban and rural consumption, the total retail sales of social consumer goods grew by 11.6%, the contribution of consumption to economic growth rate of 42%. Stabilize the real estate market to pick up, real estate investment and real estate sales grew by 13.6%, respectively, the area of 15.3%. Annual tourist reception and tourism revenue grew by 15% and 32%, respectively.

two, firm structure, industrial transformation and upgrading of new progress. From the two aspects of the transfer of stock and incremental improvement of structural adjustment, accelerate the development of new energy. The city’s industrial added value grew by 12.72%, the Development Zone industrial added value growth rate of 18.41%, accounting for the proportion of the city’s total of 75.24%, played a major role in the main engine. Accelerate the development of new formats, new products, new models and new services, the proportion of the third industry to increase the value of the increase of 2 percentage points, registered local electricity supplier of 23, e-commerce transactions grew by 17.5%. The construction of the provincial high tech Industrial Development Zone approved, Xining Zhongguancun science and technology achievement industrialization base landing chase, start the "double" Chengbei district space area construction. To strengthen the construction of modern agriculture city, grain and vegetables and meat and other livestock products increased steadily. More than 16 leading enterprises at the municipal level, cultivate farmers and herdsmen at all levels of professional cooperatives, family farms, farmers, farmers, cultivate Huangzhong oats and other agricultural brands, such as 442. ; read more