The BriForum Experience: Through the Eyes of “The Intern”

first_imgBriForum by Sophia “the intern” Stalliviere All in all the trip was great…and a great start of my internship! Another session that I attended was the “[VDI Product Smackdown and Discussion||],” which was hosted by Brian Madden. He talked about the different VDI components and his thoughts about each of them. He went into detail about Citrix Xendesktop, Qumranent, Quest, Ericom, and VMware. Other sessions were “[Optimizing and Understanding Citrix over WAN connections||]”, “[Streaming Smackdown||]”, “[Provisioning Servers in the Real World||]”, “[The Future of Client Computing||]”, and “[Customizing Citrix XenApp Web5.0||].” The sessions were really great, and I learned a bunch. I also found the networking with people at the event to be one of my strong points and was able to learn about many end-user experiences and products. Jason and I went to each of the demos and I observed him talking to each of the companies about their roles in this forum. Then, in turn, we talked about our roles with Intel. We put the word out about the Emerging Compute Model Forum. Many of the people are interested in looking around the site. center_img I recently started with Intel as a summer intern, coming from Washington State University (go cougars), and had the privilege of doing something very unique for an Intern – going on a business trip! Last week I went to the BriForum, I didn’t have any idea what I got myself into when I went, however, I found it to be a great experience. I think of myself as technically savvy person, but at a show where they have a multi-part series on the “excruciating details” of the logon process challenged my level of tech savvy! To be immersed in the detailed language of computers at this event was both very scary and very exciting at the same time. At this forum there were many people, representing different parts of the world – connected by one thing: the future of computers. Now when I say future, we aren’t talking about just computers doing the same things faster, smaller, and cheaper; but we are talking about the changes that will come from the virtual execution world. A world where the application you run may be running on the device your using right now to view this blog, or it may be executing in a number of other places, but viewed just like you are doing right now, with manageability, security, and flexibility at the heart of the solution. My Intel manager, Jason Davidson hosted one of the sessions, as well as sponsored the food for the BriForum party (details about the party will be on my personal page J). He decided to have a discussion on . In his session he did something a little bit different than the other sessions. Instead of telling everyone his thoughts about his subject, he had questions up on the projection screen and the panel discussed the questions. The panel consisted of Jason Davidson, Brian Madden, Brian Duckering, and Ron Oglesby. All of them had different views on the topic which made it very energizing and intriguing. The audience got into it by asking questions and also waited till after the sessions to approach the speakers on the topic.last_img

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