AI Polygraph Is Better At Detecting Lies Than You

first_imgSome people are natural liars, while others have no poker face. But it doesn’t take much to fool someone in blind computer conversations.In an attempt to remove those blinders, Florida State University researcher Shuyuan Ho has developed the first online polygraph test.“You could use it for online dating, Facebook, Twitter—the applications are endless,” Ho, an associate professor in the College of Communication and Information, said in a statement. “I think the future is unlimited for an online polygraph system.”Imagine a future where technology can automatically identify liars and truth-tellers based on the words they type in electronic messages.In a study published by the journal Computer in Human Behavior, Ho detailed the findings of an online game created to measure truthful and deceptive communication between people.Players were randomly assigned the role of “Saint” or “Sinner,” then left to have a computerized chat. Researchers, meanwhile, followed along, using machine learning tech to scrutinize patterns of words and writing.Just as physical cues provide context, so, too, do language-action cues in written text.Lying sinners were less expressive but used more ornamental words, displayed more negative emotions, and appeared anxious when communicating with truth-tellers.Conversely, saints tended toward speculation, taking longer to respond to inquiries; sincere players provided more reasoned ideas and expressed more reflective thinking, according to the study.Ho’s experiment highlighted that while a human can spot lies in messages about 50 percent of the time, the machine-learning approach has a much higher success rate of 85 to 100 percent.“I want to get the world’s attention on this research so we can hopefully make it into a commercial product that could be attached to all kinds of online social forums,” she said.“I think we all have good common sense about the people we meet face to face, but how much common sense do we have with the strangers we encounter online where you can meet a lot of people very fast,” Ho continued. “This research is so important because it can provide another reference point offering more protection. All of society can benefit.”More on Lie Detector to Screen Travelers at Some EU BordersThis Text-Based Lie Detector Can Spot False Police ReportsResearchers Develop 10-Minute Test to Detect Cancerlast_img

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