Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland says he wants to make a

first_img 2019 movies to geek out over 77 Photos Post a comment 0 TV and Movies Rick and Morty tweets out Pickle Rick episode blooper reel Rick and Morty back in production, pledges no more long waits Game of Thrones meets Rick and Morty in Pickle Rick commentary Rick and Morty finally reveals season 4 premiere date Share your voice More on Rick and Morty Ready to see these guys on the big screen? Fans can dream. Adult Swim Few fandoms are more devoted than Rick and Morty followers. Just ask the McDonald’s employees who dared run out of Szechuan sauce once the show brought it back.So when show creator Justin Roiland participated in a recent Ask Me Anything on Reddit and said he’d be up for a full-length movie, fans went full Pickle Rick with excitement.Roiland is also co-creator of Squanch Games, and the AMA was focused on the company’s first game, Trover Saves the Universe. But naturally Rick and Morty fans wanted to talk about the Adult Swim show — and its big-screen dreams.”Will we get a feature length Rick and Morty film ever? A rated R film that’s totally bananas?” asked Kev17362.And while Roiland wouldn’t commit, his positive reaction was enough.”I would love to do that, yeah,” he wrote. “Hmm. Hmmmmmm.”Roiland wouldn’t go into more detail, but fans highly approved. “The fake trailers alone would be incredible,” said one. He also answered a few fan questions about the show, noting the family dog Snowball (aka Snuffles) could return, if the right plot presents itself.”I would love to see Snowball again!” Roiland wrote. “It’s always just a matter of doing it for the right reason.”He also joked about a backstory for mad scientist Rick. When asked by a fan about a rumored mysterious history for the character, Roiland wrote, “I’ll tell you. It’s the fact that Ri–” and then stopped writing.Obviously the movie’s just a dream at the moment, but Rick and Morty fans can mark their calendars for a November return. Tagslast_img

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