Nanjing Huayi student assistant fund officially inaugurated the whole

in this society, you may feel the material adequacy, but in many places, there are still a lot of people are still very difficult to survive, this time you need charity organizations to help. Nanjing garment assistant teaching foundation officially inaugurated. This is the promulgation of the new charity act, the first direct registration of charitable organizations in Nanjing. In addition to providing assistance to poor students, improve the local school hardware environment.

Nanjing Huayi student assistant fund is jointly sponsored by 6 entrepreneurs in Nanjing City clothing retail industry of private foundations, the purpose is to help the poor area China students receive better and longer education. It is understood that the fund is currently in Yongsheng County of Yunnan province and ERON County donated 3 hope primary school, and with the Yongsheng County Song Ping Lisu village signed a five year agreement student assistant.

opening ceremony, Dean of the school of Social Sciences, Nanjing University, Zhou Xiaohong was appointed honorary chairman of the foundation. "They are a group of businessmen, but they have a bigger dream of doing business, and use their power to help children in remote areas." Zhou Xiaohong said, in the foundation of eight existing projects, he also initiated the "Ninth plan", to mobilize more student volunteers into the field of love action, organized volunteers to help poor students into the mountainous area of Lijiang.

this year, the Nanjing Chinese clothing assistant teaching foundation officially inaugurated, can bring more hope for people, it is worthy of recognition. With the help of the China clothing fund, their school has built a new teaching building, teachers in some schools in Nanjing also went to the local teaching activities, in order to improve the teaching level of local teachers.

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