Joshua v Parker: David Higgins says Anthony Joshua was the ‘better boxer’ on the night

first_imgItaly’s Giuseppe Quartarone was the third man in the ring as Joshua outpointed Parker on Saturday, adding the WBO belt to his IBF and WBA belts.”I don’t need to say much. Everyone is saying it for us,” Parker’s promoter David Higgins told Sky Sports.”When they were brawling, there were hints of Joe almost getting in there, but everyone is saying – not me – people who know a lot more about boxing were saying that ref allowed Anthony Joshua to execute a very disciplined, conservative fight plan, which did suit Joshua and did not suit Parker.”Now let’s not pursue an accusation of bias, but often there is subconscious bias etc, etc and I think anyone that knows boxing would not deny that the referee’s style of conduct suited Joshua and not Parker, but we’re not going to use that as an excuse.”We didn’t quite do enough today to win the fight. If there was a rematch, would we accept that referee again? Certainly not.”Higgins was full of respect for Joshua, who remains unbeaten in 21 fights.”I thought that Anthony Joshua was a better boxer today, deserved to win,” said Higgins. “I don’t think Joseph Parker did quite enough to win in [the UK].”Joseph fought valiantly and I’m proud of him, he can hold his head up, but I respect Anthony Joshua and he won the fight.”The Joshua that fought Carlos Takam, might not have won today, but respect to Joshua, because he lost weight, he came in fit, and he was disciplined. He boxed well for 12 rounds. He won the fight, good on him.”Today he looked like a man that was serious. He did show Joseph respect, rightly so.”Joseph showed no signs of going down, being overly hurt and was there right to the end. Had a few skirmishes developed, a few more brawls, anything could have happened.”There was certainly not [disappointment] after the fight, because Joe did the best he could. There were smiles and hugs and music.”I have worked with boxers who have got broken or given up. Joseph is not one of them.”I saw the look in his eye, this has made him hungrier and he’ll want to come back as soon as possible and learn from his mistakes. I have no doubt that these guys will fight again, sooner rather than later.”last_img read more

Rashford set for Southampton start, Martial misses out

first_imgManchester United forward Marcus Rashford is set to start Saturday’s Premier League match against Southampton but team mate Anthony Martial has not yet recovered from a groin injury, manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said on Friday.Rashford was injured in last weekend’s 0-0 draw with Liverpool but played the full 90 minutes as United had used up all three substitutions.The 21-year-old, who has nine league goals this season, did not start in Wednesday’s 3-1 win at Crystal Palace but came on as a second half substitute.“He (Rashford) still felt it Wednesday night but he’ll be ready, I’ll probably start him,” Solskjaer told reporters.“You do have a plan but then you get suspensions, injuries. That one injury or one suspension might change the whole dynamic. It’s a matter of seeing who’s available now.”Martial has not played since he was withdrawn at half time in United’s 2-0 defeat by Paris St Germain in the Champions League last-16 two weeks ago.“It’s the last session today but we’re not going take any risks. Maybe Anthony, but it might just be a few more days before he’s ready, so probably the squad will look similar to what it did on Wednesday,” Solskjaer added.Solskjaer hoped goalkeeper David De Gea would sign a contract extension beyond 2020, reminding him of the trust the club and former manager Alex Ferguson placed in the Spaniard when he joined from Atletico Madrid in 2011.“Hopefully they will agree because David is the best goalkeeper in the world,” Solskjaer said.“The club showed how much they wanted him back in the day when (goalkeeping coach) Eric (Steele) and the gaffer found him.“There were probably better keepers there at that time. But the belief the manager showed in him, given the criticism he got, paid dividends.”Solskjaer was uncertain if Antonio Valencia, who is currently sidelined with a calf injury, would get a contract extension with the 33-year-old’s deal set to expire this season.“Antonio is still not 100 percent fit. At the moment I’m not sure if United and Antonio will agree on the next year. Hopefully I can get him on the pitch and he can show what he can do,” Solskjaer added.last_img read more


first_img…vs interpretationsThings were proceeding so blithely after the “scientific revolution”, the chattering class of Europe declared their era the “Age of Enlightenment”! In capitals! But there came a fella Nietzsche, who upended it all with his mordant perspective on the received wisdom. (“Nee-chee”, like the sewing machine!) One of his pithy pronouncements was “there are no facts, only interpretations”.This view’s even more radical than the new Trump Epistemological Doctrine on “alternative facts”. With the latter, both the speaker and the audience accept there are, in fact, something ontologically grounded, called “facts”. What Nietzsche asserted and all his post-modern followers assert is there are no such “facts” out there to be “discovered”, independently of our interpretations!Now, if you think your Eyewitness must’ve inhaled some good old “Jamaican Gold” to be carrying on like this, he didn’t. He’s just trying to offer a possible explanation for the “explanations” being offered for the firings of some high-placed officials in the State apparatus. It all started when Justice Kennard was given 36 hours’ notice to clear his desk as Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority (PCA). The Minister to whom he reported – Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan – said, even though his performance was exemplary, he was let go by Prezzie on account of his “age”.Now Prezzie’s finally confirmed this assertion. And this is where the matter of “facts and interpretations” arise. It is, after all, a fact that Justice Kennard is nearing 80 – but who gets to “interpret” this fact to make him too “old” and incapable of performing his job that he should, therefore, be sent out to pasture? As your Eyewitness said before, Prezzie has the power to appoint the Chair to the PCA – but nowhere in the act does it extend that power to fire the man. There is – we’re told – the niceties of the “rule of law” to be complied with, no?On what grounds has Prezzie, therefore, determined that Kennard is in his dotage? Prezzie echoed the subject Minister Ramjattan that Kennard was performing ably in his job, so it can’t be a matter of “competency”. Prezzie intimated he’s about to issue a directive on this issue of age limits on the job. But isn’t this putting the cart before the horse? And is this a role for him, or the legislature? And then, in our newfound Republican awareness, maybe it ought to be the subject for a referendum?And why wouldn’t Prezzie say whether the new rule would apply to 80-year-old Hamilton Green “O.R.”.Is it, to paraphrase Humpty Dumpty, a word is whatever Prezzie wants to interpret it as??!!…on GECOMLike Bobby Brown, Prezzie’s also asserted some “prerogatives”. Here, to interpret the Constitution on who chairs GECOM. Prezzie seems to feel the person ought to not only be “sober as a judge” but to’ve actually been a judge.But your Eyewitness thinks events have highlighted the need for some new skills. Ironically on the same day the departing Chair penned a rather sweet letter to his staff echoing Juliet’s “parting is such sweet sorrow” line, came a reminder that some in the same staff might’ve connived to swindle hundreds of millions from the Elections’ watchdog.No one can even hint the outgoing Chair was involved with those shenanigans. Not only is it clear the judge-like fella wasn’t one to suffer fools (gladly or otherwise!), it’s a cert someone who felt the sting of his acerbic tongue in this small, ego-riven country would’ve long spilled the beans on him, if he’d dipped his hand into any till. So maybe the GECOM chair should be an accountant who’s fit to be a judge.Chris Ram, anyone?…on Education ReformThe Minister has named a Task Force, and tasked it with convening a Working Group, to work to form a Focus Committee, which will focus on launching an Action Quorum to report back to him.By 2020??last_img read more

Running A Start-up With A full-time Job? Hard Work, But Not Impossible

first_imgMany believe they have to give up formal employment and a stable salary to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. But Kenyan entrepreneur Alex Mwaura Muriu (27) has proven it is possible to do both. Muriu is the founder of Farm Capital Africa, a new crowdfunding model that enables investing in small-scale African agri-preneurs. This week, Muriu’s initiative won second place in the 2015 Innovation Prize for Africa.He is currently also working full-time as digital brand manager at the Kenya Commercial Bank, and believes he would have struggled to get Farm Capital Africa to where it is today if he wasn’t employed as well. As a young father, husband and entrepreneur, Muriu requires a stable salary to get his start-up off the ground, while being able to put food on the table.But how has he managed to do both jobs at once? Muriu says it hasn’t been easy, and warns that divided attention can put entrepreneurs at risk of losing both positions. However, some tactics have helped him do both.Get the right managers in place“One of the smartest things I did was getting on board my co-founder, Jason Musyoka, who is the chief operations officer at Farm Capital Africa.”Muriu explains that managing finance and operations are one of the most time-consuming tasks of running a company, and he needed someone able to focus on the financial details full-time, which he admits is not his strength.“So when I took Jason in I knew that about 60% of my time would be saved by having him there… it really saved me numerous headaches.”Muriu then found someone who could efficiently undertake project management. “Now with these two [managers] in place, my role in the company really came down to fundraising. And that’s not something I need to do from 8am to 8pm.”Working 14-16 hours a dayMuriu says he holds most meeting between 6:30 and 8:30am before work. He also utilises his lunch hour to meet investors, and then between 6pm and 9pm after work. This can translate into 14-16 hour working days.“And then there are weekends, especially Saturday mornings, and my wife knows I won’t be home,” he says.“I relax a bit on Sunday, and then Monday we get back on the climb again… But then again I am a young person. I can do it because my body is still in that place where I can work many long hours and still survive.”Be honest with potential employersHe also advises others looking to be employed while running a start-up to be honest with their employer and ensure there is no conflict of interest.Time management is also essential, as both jobs need to be given enough attention so that neither fall by the wayside.“If you are going to run a business while being employed, you will have to get used to the idea of long working hours, because you still have to give your employer the best,” he continues.However, he notes entrepreneurs juggling both employment and entrepreneurship might also have to accept that their start-up’s growth will be slower than they want it to be. “But that’s okay, because striking that balance in the interim until your business gets to a point where it can pay you a salary is important for success of the start-up. So be patient and plan your time really well.”Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Misreading the ordinary voter

first_imgThe local media have joined in the handwringing and self-flagellation of their US compeers for missing the boat on the sentiments of the “ordinary voter” and thereby being completely flummoxed by the election of Donald Trump as the next president of the United States of America.This lamentation, of course, follows the result of the UK’s “Brexit vote” which was also not predicted by the not so prescient “advanced” pollsters and pundits.The analyses of those two events already can fill several libraries and will continue unabated for the next decade. But it is more than passing strange the local commentators have not realised an analogous phenomenon has been playing out for the last half century in Guyana and perchance they might be able to offer some advice to the perturbed parties up north.In Guyana, for decades since the sixties, our political and chattering classes insisted that ordinary Guyanese were “mistaken” in identifying their political interests with their ethnic identity. They engaged in ponderous exegesis of texts written about the European experience and insisted that ethnic interests here were an “epiphenomenon” of more fundamental “class interests” and should therefore be ignored. When the ordinary people refused to buy this argument, which may or may not have been correct, the politicians then began to play a political game that has continued unchanged until very recently.The reason why the political and chattering classes refused to concede the salience of ethnicity was because their world view was shaped by ideological premises that ethnicity and its “ties of sanguinity” were primeval and therefore “backward”. Class, on the other hand, came out of the “development of capitalism” and therefore was “modern” and progressive. “If only the ordinary voters would see the light,” was the cry by the politicians, even as they adjusted their mobilisation tactics to accommodate ethnicity.We do not have to go into all the why’s and wherefore of the “ethnicity vs class” debate that helped to leave us mired in poverty since independence. Save to note that it all comes down to the insistence of elites that the epistemological bases of their theories are actually the ontological reality of their societies. Apart from their arrogant assumption that their “what ought to be” – jettisoning of ethnic interests – was right for their society, their public rhetoric became the “politically correct” posture and created increasing cynicism in the populace because of the chasm between rhetoric and reality.In the UK and Britain, the premises of the neo-liberal “revolution” launched by Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan in the early 1980s became what they insisted was the reality of their people. The consequences of liberalisation – including free trade, globalisation and financialisation – privatisation and stabilisation had to lead to salutary results because the theories said so. A “rising tide would lift all ships” the leaders insisted. Even those across the political divide that were expected to oppose neo-liberalism – Labour in UK and the Democrats in the US – jumped aboard and ignored the inexorable widening of the distribution of wealth in their societies.Tony Blair crafted his “Third Way” and Bill Clinton deregulated the financial architecture and courted Wall Street with even more fervour than Reagan.For a while there was a rising economic tide, but as the consequences played out, the ordinary man was forced by his reality to challenge the orthodoxy.As in Guyana, the media in the UK and the US are controlled by “those that know better” and who snootily look down at the cries of the ordinary citizen as the bleating of “rednecks and yahoos from the sticks.” Up to now the ordinary citizen was ignored. But we predict the politicians from both sides of the divide will now follow the lead of Donald Trump and be more responsive to their ground reality.As to whether they will be more honest about articulating what drives that reality is left to be seen.last_img read more


first_imgFourth-year team captain Jordan Figueira has picked up right where he left off last season. The two-time OUA all-star currently leads the OUA with 11.14 assists per set after averaging 9.94 through the 2018-19 season. The Blues men are 2-0 to start the season and take on the OUA defending champion Gaels (2-2) in their 2019 home opener. The two teams met in last year’s OUA semifinal, with the Gaels squeaking out a narrow 3-1 win. The women start the action at 6 p.m., with the men to follow at 8 p.m. The matches will also be streamed live on Story Links Second-year left side hitter Evan Falardeau leads the Blues and ranks third in the OUA, averaging four kills and 4.4 points per set in the early goings of the season. Fifth-year veteran Chris Towe registered 13.5 points in Toronto’s 3-2 season-opening win over Ryerson and is coming off a seventh-place finish at the 2019 NORCECA beach volleyball continental tour this past weekend in the Dominican Republic. The University of Toronto Varsity Blues men’s and women’s volleyball teams take on the Queen’s Gaels in our Under Armour Games of the Week this Friday, November 8 at Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport.center_img For more information, scores and highlights on your favourite U of T athletes and teams, please visit Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for the latest and greatest in Varsity Blues intercollegiate athletics. Four-time U SPORTS all-Canadian Alina Dormann sits second in the province, averaging 3.55 kills and 4.0 points per game from the right side. Veteran left side hitters Brianna Patrick and Caleigh Cruickshank are both averaging 2.8 kills per set and lead the team with nine and 10 serving aces, respectively. It will be a battle of nationally-ranked opponents as the No. 5 Varsity Blues women play host to the No. 9 Gaels. The Blues (2-1) and Gaels (2-2) are currently tied for second place in the OUA East division, with U of T holding a game in hand.  Print Friendly Versionlast_img read more

Barca president charged with tax fraud

first_imgJudge Pablo Ruz at the National Court in Madrid ordered Bartomeu in a written ruling to appear before him on February 13 as a suspect over alleged tax evasion worth 2.85 million euros ($3.26 million).“It must be investigated whether the sum of 2,845,700 euros was defrauded from the public treasury by FC Barcelona and its current leaders, with Josep Maria Bartomeu as president,” the judge wrote.The summons followed a call by public prosecutors on Monday for Bartomeu and the club as a whole to be tried on the tax fraud allegations relating to the 2013 signing.FC Barcelona reacted to that request with “surprise, indignation and total disagreement”, in a statement on Tuesday ahead of the judge’s summons.The judge will now question Bartomeu and later decide whether he should stand trial.The prosecutor alleges that the club and its former president Sandro Rosell paid more for Neymar than the 57 million euros that they declared to he Spanish taxman.They believe the figure was 82.7 million euros divided into separate contracts that secured the signing.“All of the actions involved in the player’s transfer process were conducted with no intent whatsoever to breach the law in any way,” the club said.According to the Spanish tax authorities, Barcelona owe 12 million euros in tax on the Neymar deal, which would see the overall cost of the operation rise to 94.8 million euros.Rosell resigned as president over the affair just over a year ago when a complaint brought by one of the club’s members for misappropriation of funds was taken to court.In his testimony before a judge on the case in July 2014, Rosell insisted that Neymar cost the club 57 million euros, 17 of which went to his former club Santos and 40 million paid to N&N, a company owned by the player’s father.However, following Rosell’s resignation, Barcelona also confirmed a number of extra agreements including a 10 million euro signing bonus for the player and scouting and collaborative agreements between the two clubs taking the total to 86.2 million euros.In February of last year, the club announced that they had made a voluntary payment of 13.5 million euros to the Spanish tax authorities regarding the transfer.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000MADRID, Spain, February 3 – A Spanish judge charged the president of FC Barcelona, Josep Maria Bartomeu, on Tuesday with tax fraud linked to the signing of Brazilian star Neymar.last_img read more

Bayern Munich ace targeted by Roma – blow for Arsenal and Liverpool?

first_img Mehdi Benatia Arsenal and Liverpool target Mehdi Benatia is wanted by Roma, according to reports in Italy.The centre-back has struggled to make an impression since moving from Roma to Bayern Munich in the summer of 2014 and is now being linked with a move away from Bavaria.And Gazzetta dello Sport claim that could mean a return to Roma for the Moroccan as Rudi Garcia attempts to shore up his side’s defence.If Bayern are willing to do a deal that could also reignite interest from Premier League duo Arsenal and Liverpool as they look to beef up their sides ahead of potential title challenges in the second half of the season. 1last_img read more

The worst miss ever? WATCH this shocking strike from the Serbian lower leagues

first_imgThere are few things more embarrassing in football than missing an open goal – but no miss has probably ever been as bad as the one you can see in the video above…A match in the Serbian lower leagues saw an unnamed striker manage to nick the ball of a defender, nutmeg the opposition goalkeeper – and STILL miss!And the miss was from literally inches out! It truly is impossible to understand how the stiker managed to achieve this outstanding feat.You can watch the video above…last_img

Jose Mourinho hints future deal for Zlatan Ibrahimovic could be on the cards

first_img Jose Mourinho has kept the possibility open for Zlatan Ibrahimovic to re-sign with Man United 1 Jose Mourinho has not closed the door on a new deal for Zlatan Ibrahimovic or a move for Chelsea’s Nemanja Matic, admitting Manchester United’s summer business is only 50 per cent complete.Significant knee ligament damage brought Ibrahimovic’s outstanding first campaign at Old Trafford to an abrupt halt in April, with the Swede released at the end of his one-year deal.It was little surprise given the 35-year-old’s huge wages and inability to play until next year, but the striker has stayed on at United to do his rehabilitation and could yet have a future at the club.The Los Angeles Galaxy – United’s opponents when they kick-off their pre-season tour on Saturday – have long been linked with a move for the well-travelled forward, with a £6million-a-year deal reported to be on the table.However, United boss Mourinho is keeping a keen eye on Ibrahimovic’s recovery and admits a new deal at Old Trafford could be on the cards.“Possible, it’s open,” Mourinho said when asked if there was a chance Ibrahimovic could sign a new deal.“Of course we wanted to be honest and open and let everything for him to make the decision in case his desire was to leave, so there was not a new contract.“There was a space of time for everybody to think, to feel, to decide and from his point of view he made the decision of wanting to play football still at the highest level, didn’t want to hide behind such an amazing injury.“It would be easy for him to hide behind it and to say ‘it’s time stop and go to a different level of football’. He did not want that.“He was not happy with the way he finished the season. Of course with his first European trophy but not playing and he made the challenge for himself of wanting to keep playing at the highest level.“Obviously we open our door for him to recover with us, obviously Old Trafford, Carrington is open for him to recover with our people and to be one of us.“At the same time, let’s make a decision that makes us all happy and if that decision is for him to stay and for us to wait, let’s say until December maybe because I don’t think before December he can be back to competitive football.“But why not for us to wait for such a good player that gave us so much?“So we’re speaking, we are changing ideas and again it’s in the hands of (executive vice-chairman Ed) Woodward and Zlatan’s agent, but the important thing is that the final decision is the best for the player.”Ibrahimovic’s knee injury saw United prioritise the acquisition of a new striker, with Romelu Lukaku this week filling that void after arriving from Everton for an initial £75million.Benfica defender Victor Lindelof has also bolstered the squad, but the intention all along has been to make four top-quality signings this summer.Inter Milan’s Ivan Perisic, Tottenham defensive midfielder Eric Dier and Chelsea’s Matic have all been linked with a move to Old Trafford.It is understood it is likely that Matic will miss Chelsea’s pre-season tour to Asia amid such talk, but Mourinho would not be drawn on his former player – only his summer intentions.“I can’t say any word about a player that is a Chelsea player,” the United boss said at their UCLA training base. “I can’t.“It’s difficult. It was a little bit the same with (Alvaro) Morata. Matic is a Chelsea player and we have to respect the player, the club, the owner, the manager.“I don’t want to be disrespectful and be speaking about the player.“We don’t have our door closed, we are not happy with just Lukaku and Lindelof.“We need more. We wanted four so I would say 50 per cent of the job done, but I don’t want to say that, because everything is so difficult that I wouldn’t like to be in (executive vice-chairman) Ed Woodward’s position negotiating.“So maybe we don’t get two, maybe we get one, but at least we need one player to give us a little bit more options.“The squad needs that balance. We have players that belong to the squad, but they cannot play football for the next three, four months: Marcos Rojo, Ashley Young, Luke Shaw, if Zlatan stays.“We have three or four players that only by the end of the year they can be back to football, so we need two more players I would say.“At least one, but I don’t want to say Matic or any other name, because I don’t think it’s correct to do it.”last_img read more